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maxx-m.com caters to the growing number of local Indonesian and foreign executives and professionals, who wish to unwind from their hectic schedules and daily demands. maxx-m.com gives readers all the inside information with interesting and enlightening articles on travel, leisure and recreation; in addition to our renowned reviews of all hotels and food currently, we are focusing in Asia but will expand into the Asia Pacific in the near future and then the rest of the world.

maxx-m.com provide its readers with relaxing reading and gorgeous photographs, it features constantly updated news on travel, food, and lifestyle, as well as the latest promotions and happenings. Ideas on where to go, where to stay, what to eat and what to do are all featured on maxx-m.com.

From a simple idea on where to chill after work, to planning a long-awaited holiday, you can find all the information here at maxx-m.com with sections such as Promo, NewsHotel, Food, Travel, EscapeThe5, and Tips&Tricks.

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maxx-m.com features the hottest news in leisure and travel from around the country and beyond.

Nowadays there are so many types of accommodations that we can choose on, from Airbnb to the most luxurious hotel; there is something for everybody that will suit every budget. Find yours here.

No matter what your taste buds are, we have something for you. There are plenty of restaurants featured to cure your hunger or simply a cozy place to enjoy that mouthwatering piece of cake.

From a tiny exotic island just an hour away from Jakarta to a polar explorer to the Antartic Peninsula. Find out the most interesting and off the beaten track destinations in this section.

When having a day off or on weekends, sometimes we are looking for ideas on how to spend the day. We have featured interesting activities, relaxing spas and mouthwatering food-related activities to maximise your day off.

Not one, not two, but maxx-m.com gives 5 of the best options in travelling. Whether you are looking for hotels, activities, or food, check out our pick of The5.

Most people aren’t born savvy travelers. When you are starting to travel or visiting places for the first time, there are chances that you will make mistakes. Read our tips to help you travel like a pro.


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