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Feel on top of the world at Agra, the highest rooftop lounge in Central Java Amid the heritage charms of Solo [...]

Gedong Gandrung

Inspired by brilliant works of art by the famous palace architect of Lombok and Bali a thousand years ago, [...]

Naga Mesem

The legend behind Naga Mesem, Vessel of the Sea King Sarindon in Hotel Tugu Lombok Once upon a time, the tip [...]

The Sahara

The most romantic restaurant in Malang A surreally romantic, gigantic open-space area with a large stage, [...]

The Sugar Baron Room

Eat like a sugar baron This room is created in commemorating the memory of a sugar baron of Southeast Asia [...]

Roti Tugu Bakery

The best homemade bakery in East Java Roti Tugu is known as the best homemade bakery in East Java, with the [...]

Babah Room

Cultural dining at Tugu An intimate dining room that captures the Straits Chinese atmosphere of the 1930s, [...]

The Silk Road

Romancing Hotel Tugu Malang The Silk Road Pavilion, for the romantics, is a feast for the eyes and the heart [...]
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