Adventurous Rafting

A rafting journey down the Ayung River, the longest river in Bali.

What is the best activity for bonding with nature? Some say rafting. You have to balance the raft by following the water currents, while enjoying beautiful scenery that you pass by on both banks of the river. The water flows slowly sometimes, but it can also be wild and fierce just minutes later. It seems to have a mind of its own so you have to be prepared at all times. This activity will certainly pump up your adrenaline right away. Bali has many beautiful rivers that are suitable for rafting. The most famous is the Ayung. There is so much to see as you raft across the river, from large waterfalls, lush green tropical forest, beautifully decorated Hindu temples and rich paddy fields to the resident fauna, including kingfishers, butterflies, monkeys and Bali cattle.

The Ayung is a Class II river and can rise to Class IV during the rainy season. Your rafting adventure will take approximately two hours, giving you the chance to appreciate the natural scenery, wildlife and exotic plants of Bali.

There are several river rafting providers in Bali and one of the most recommended is Toekad Rafting. The Ayung River Rafting package includes air-conditioned return hotel transfers, rafting equipment (life jacket, helmet and paddle), rafting guide/instructor, buffet lunch, use of waterproof bag, insurance coverage, and shower facilities with soap, locker and towels.

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Text by Dennis Latif | Photos courtesy of Toekad Rafting

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