Canyon Tubing

Adventurous weekend in Bali

In Bali, north of Payangan, is a hidden canyon through which a crystal-clear stream flows. It is one of the few forgotten places in Bali, where you still can find untouched nature. And it is a place where you can experience tremendous adventure floating down the canyon in an inflatable tube.

After arriving at the starting point, professional guides will give you detailed safety instructions for canyon tubing and the flying fox. From there, a special off-road car will transport you to the canyon, and after a short descent your great adventure begins! At some places, the Siap River makes it too difficult to stay in your tube. That is where the flying fox will let you fly through the canyon. For those who find flying too exciting there are wooden footpaths to use. Whether you come with family or friends, everybody will enjoy this adventure, tubing down the Siap River, flying across the canyon on a flying fox and having fun. This is the perfect activity for Sagittarians.

Canyon Tubing and The Flying Fox
Bali – Indonesia
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Text by Dennis Latif | Photos courtesy of eOasia