Five-Star Treatment

Do you want to disappear for an afternoon? Leaving the world, all its comings and goings behind? When it comes to pampering, the treatments at Raffles Spa are simply unbeatable.

Being a spa addict, I’m always on the lookout for new sensations and experiences. To be honest, although there are plenty of spas around, I only like a precious few, one of which is Raffles Spa.

Located on the 14th floor of Raffles Jakarta, the Raffles Spa is a sanctuary for the senses. The smell of aromatherapy throughout the spa provides a soothing sensation for the mind. Although it is located right in the middle of a busy metropolis, the moment I stepped in to the spa, it felt like I was in a different world, one where time stood still.

Make sure to come at least 30 minutes early prior to your treatment to experience Hydrotherapy wellness, from humid aromatic heat at the stream room to a unique variety of multi temperature water sequences, combined with soothing warm and cold jets to relax the body at experience showers. My personal favourite is the ice fountain, after being exposed to a warm environment, crushed ice were applied to the limbs to selectively cool the body, the ice were soft and looked very tempting similar to a snow cone that I almost ate them.

Having just one treatment as Raffles Spa is not enough, so I decided on Tibetan Vibration Relaxation Massage and Prolift Sculpting Facial.

My first treatment was the Tibetan Vibration Relaxation Massage, this massage is one of a kind, using an ancient Tibetan technique, the singing bowl when activated by touch produces harmonics of different intensities. Water being a medium for sound and vibration combined with the composition of the body, the bowl was placed in different areas of my body to encourage the cells to return to their natural state. This was my first time trying this treatment, the deeply relaxing vibrations joined with a traditional Balinese massage really did wonders for my aching body.

Feeling half asleep after the massage, it was then time for my facial. I was eager to try Galylia Kristensen’s products, which was the main reason why I decided on the Prolift Sculpting Facial.

Firm and intense, the innovative GAYLIA KRISTENSEN facial massage was like a gym for my skin, after the facial massage a natural infusion face mask was applied to deeply moisturise and increase my skin elasticity. The facial was simply amazing, I immediately could see the result, my complexion was brighter, I could feel and see how moist and firm my skin was.

Remember when I told you to come early so you can experience the Hydrotherapy wellness? Make sure to spend extra time after the treatment to lay on one of the warm stone chairs which is shaped just like the human body, enjoying your cup of warm tea and watching the beautiful scenery of Jakarta, it was very relaxing.

Text by Melani Semuel | Photos courtesy of Raffles Spa

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