Jakarta Walking Tour

How long have you lived in Jakarta? One year, five years, ten years, your whole life? It’s not about how long you have been in the city, but how much you know about J-town.

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is infamous for its traffic, floods and massive population. But have you ever wondered what kind of city Jakarta was in the past? What was the life of the city like during Dutch rule? Well, some of the secrets of the past live on in Jakarta’s historical buildings, museums, old markets and incredible stories.

Jakarta can be challenging to explore. With a city this size, it is difficult to even know how to start exploring the secrets it holds and discovering the stories behind its buildings and landmarks. That is why the Jakarta Good Guide walking tours are such a saviour. Jakarta Good Guide introduces the interesting sites in the city and offers a new way of looking at Jakarta and its history and culture. Jakarta Good Guide takes you to the landmarks of the city and explains the history behind the buildings and provides little-known fun facts. To participate in the tours, register through the group’s website. Tours are given on a pay-as-you-want basis.

Jakarta Good Guide offers nine tours of. The City Centre tour includes the National Museum, Constitutional Court, National Monument, Presidential Palace, Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Cathedral and Immanuel Church. The City Centre 2 tour includes Banteng Square, Pancasila Building, Immanuel Church, National Gallery, Heroes Monument and City Hall. The Chinatown route goes past Candra Naya house, the Petak Sembilan traditional market, Dharma Bhakti Temple, St. Maria de Fatima Church, Toa Se Bio Temple and Gloria Alley. The Old Town tour includes the Bank Indonesia Museum, the Big Canal, Toko Merah, Dutch Drawbridge, Syahbandar Tower, Old Harbour and Fatahillah Square. The Menteng tour covers Suropati Park, Bappenas building, Declaration of Independence Museum, the elementary school that US President Barack Obama attended as a child, the Great General DR. Abdul Haris Nasution Museum, Kunstkring Art Gallery and Cut Mutiah Mosque. The Pasar Baru walk passes Santa Ursula school, Jakarta Philately Building, Jakarta Art Building, Antara Gallery, Pasar Baru, Bakmi Gang Kelinci and GPIB Pniel Church. The Cikini tour passes Gedung Djoang 45, Taman Ismail Marzuki, SMPN 1 Jakarta, Perguruan Cikini and the Jalan Surabaya antiques market. The Jatinegara walk passes some of Jakarta’s busiest trading centres. And for those looking for culinary insight, Jakarta Good Guide offers a Foodie Tour, which offers an introduction to Jakarta’s culinary traditions in a two-hour walking tour.

Jakarta Walking Tour
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