Museum di Tengah Kebun

Located in one of Jakarta’s most fabulously busy districts, Museum di Tengah Kebun is a surprising oasis of green in the midst of congested, crowded Kemang.

Jakartans are overworked, stressed out and, more than likely, stuck in traffic. If ever someone was in need of an escape it was a Jakartan. We take you to Museum di Tengah Kebun, right here in the city to re-charge your soul and get back to rocking your day. The museum covers 4,200 metres and contains 2,481 antiques from 63 countries and 21 provinces in Indonesia. The museum is also home for the owner, Sjahrial, so all these fabulous antiques also serve as everyday pieces of furniture.

Carpets from Persia, sculptures from different centuries, antique flowerpots, chairs, tables, mirrors and cupboards add grace and colour to the rooms. The building itself is an artistic treasure, dating back 400 years to the Dutch colonial period. A tour takes about 1.5 hours and there is no charge. You should book in advance, with a minimum of seven guests and a maximum of 10.

Museum di Tengah Kebun
Jl. Kemang Timur Raya No. 66
Jakarta Selatan 12730
Phone. +62 21 719 6907

Text by Ester Pandiangan | Photos courtesy of Museum di Tengah Kebun