Paradise on Jakarta’s Doorstep

Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resorts, famously known as Pulau Macan, is part of Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands), off the northern coast of Java. It is about a two-hour ride by speedboat from Ancol Marina to reach this island paradise.

Every morning at eight, from Port 17 at Ancol Marina, a speedboat takes guests to Pulau Macan. In beautiful weather, you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh breeze on the Java Sea. Begin your getaway by stopping by Macan Gundul Island, a small island north of Tiger Island. The easiest way to get to Macan Gundul is by walking (yes, walking). It is safe and recommended; just follow the sandy white path and be careful of sea urchins, sharp coral and small stingrays. If you’re not sure, you can ask a staff member to assist you. The other ways to get to Macan Gundul are rowboat and kayak, which are also fun.

After lunch, I relax on the sundeck, the beautiful turquoise water and fresh air my only companions, waiting for the snorkelling session to begin. The resort offers regular one-hour snorkelling tours, taking guests to Bintang Island or Melintang Kecil Island. It is a magical underwater world, with brain, table, blade and branching coral, and schools of fish every way I look. But I am distracted by some stingrays in the area; it is stingray season, so care is required. Even so, this is one of the most beautiful dive spots in the Thousands Islands. If you miss the snorkelling tour, you still have a chance to explore the sea near the pier further to the north and the coral fringe around Macan Gundul Island.

Accommodation on the island is divided between huts and rooms. Every hut features an open-air area with private deck leading into the water. The Driftwood and Coral eco-huts provide a unique experience for guests, while the Sunset Hut provides a perfect location to enjoy the sunset in the privacy of your own hut. The newest hut, Zen Hut, also provides a stunning view of the sunset. All huts feature cosy rooms with driftwood interior or a bamboo theme. One of the highlights of the resort is the warm ambience that encourages guests to become friends. At dinner, we sit down at the same table and get to know each other while enjoying the excellent buffet. It is an intimate atmosphere, with the resort able to accommodate no more than 45 persons per night, creating a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. It makes it easy to connect with fellow guests.

As an eco-resort, Pulau Macan Village & Eco Resort not only provides hospitality at its finest, but also invites guests to become more concerned about the environment and live in harmony with nature. This is reflected in its green initiatives, saving water by taking quick showers and saving energy by turning off unused lamps. The resort also invites guests to participate in donating to in-house conservation initiatives such as recycling plastic waste, coral planting and organic gardening on neighbouring islands.

Pulau Macan Village & Eco Resort
Pulau Macan, Kepulauan Seribu
Jakarta – Indonesia
Phone. +62 812 9164 2914

Text and photos by Priscilla Picauly