Parks and Recreation

Years ago, Jakarta was in urgent need of open-air spaces and green spots. Thankfully, things are looking a bit greener in the capital lately. There are parks and beautiful gardens dotted all around Jakarta, finally giving residents an option to spending time in shopping malls and cafes. Here are some of our favourite parks in Jakarta.

Taman Kota Menteng (Menteng Park)
This park was inaugurated on 28 April 2007 and is located on Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto. In the 1920s, the area was an open field named Voetbalbond Indiesche Omstreken, or V.I.O.S Veld. As far back as 1921, Dutch residents were using the 3.4 hectares that make up the park for exercise. Taman Menteng is now one of the most famous landmarks in Menteng. Taman Menteng features a Modernist look with its combination of geometric and organic patterns. The gardens are abloom with tropical plants and there are two greenhouses. There is also a playground, indoor soccer field and a basketball court.

Taman Tribeca (Tribeca Park)
Tribeca Park is a refreshing oasis in crowded West Jakarta. The park is part of the Central Park Mall complex and offers vivid splashes of colour with its collection of ornamental plants and flowers. Tribeca Park also has several koi ponds and children can feed the fish at certain hours. Visiting Tribeca Park at night is definitely exciting, with the duelling fountains and glittering headlights.

Taman Suropati (Suropati Park)
Originally named Burgemeester Bisschopsplein, for the first burgermeester (mayor) of Batavia, G. J. Bisshop, the name was changed after the country’s independence to Taman Suropati, for the national hero Untung Suropati. The park designed in 1912 by P. A. J. Moojen, F. J. Kubatz and F.J. L Ghijsels. Today it is a shady, green oasis that offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. It is a favourite gathering spot for community groups and exercisers. Taman Suropati offers Wi-Fi and plenty of comfortable seating, and it lights up at night, with a beautiful fountain in the middle of the park.

Other parks in Jakarta:
-Taman Langsat in Barito, South Jakarta
-Taman Medan Merdeka on Jalan Medan Merdeka, Central Jakarta
-Taman Fatahillah in Old Town, North Jakarta
-Taman Situ Lembang in Menteng, Central Jakarta
-Taman Ayodya in Barito, South Jakarta
-Taman Cattleya in Tomang, West Jakarta

Text and photos by Priscilla Picauly