Barong Garden

Indulge in the extensive menus offering various dishes from all over the world surrounded by the stunning view of Hotel Tugu Bali.

Sarapan pagi ala Babah – Peranakan-style breakfast
‘Start Your Day with a good Breakfast’ is the first lesson taught by mothers to their children in every culture of the world, including Chinese. Set in the lush tropical garden of Hotel Tugu Bali, taste the Tugu’s selection of original Babah Peranakan (the cross-culture of the Chinese people and traditional Indonesian foods).

Makan Pagi breakfast menus, choose from Mie Kocok Nonyah (homemade egg noodles with egg, chicken, and mushroom sauce), Cwie Mie Babah (homemade egg noodles with stir-fried chicken, crispy shrimp wonton, and salted egg), Nasi Goreng Matahari Terbit (Babah-style fried rice with stir fry of vegetables, fried egg, fried soybean cake, peanuts, and crackers), Bubur Ayam Babah (Babah-style chicken porridge with Chinese pastry, salty egg, and crackers) and completed with Wedang Ronde (stuffed nut-filled rice balls in warm ginger soup).

Rejuvenating healthy spa cuisine – beauty from the inside
The people of Indonesia had believed that health and beauty were to be promoted from inside both the body and mind. This rejuvenating menu features a selection of tropical juices and vegetable concoctions, Tim Ikan Babah (fresh catch of the day steamed with ginger, scallion, mushroom and served with steamed rice and vegetables), healthy Nasi Campur Vegetarian (a lighter and healthier version of the family recipe from Mbok or Madam Sarinem of East Java that is a brown rice platter with grilled soybean cake and crisp tofu, turmeric pickles and several other home created dishes). End the meal with a choice from our selection of organic herbal infusions from our garden Dining can be held at our most intimate table for two by the Gubug Nglamun Leha-Leha Spa, the outdoor spa that is tenderly caressed by the ocean breeze, and shaded by tropical palm leaves.

Romantic dinners – unique and personalized settings for a memorable tête-à-tête
Celebrate your love in a place where timeless romance and exotic luxuries blend in perfect harmony. Whether it is an intimate table for two on a torch-lit private beach; an open-air candlelit hut for two above the wild lotus pond, a private table by the swimming pool, or in any parts of Hotel Tugu Bali’s lush tropical garden, all you have to do is to point at your favorite spot and the team at Hotel Tugu Bali will create a dining location for you. As the sun sets into the Indian Ocean, enter the dreamlike world of Tugu, an atmospheric romance of candlelight and magical sounds. Indulge in the extensive menus offering various dishes from all over Indonesia, or the hotel’s Western and fusion creations, serving the freshest ingredients and just caught bounty of the local fishing village.

Barong Garden
Hotel Tugu Bali
Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong
Canggu Beach
Bali – Indonesia
Phone +62 361 4731 702, +62 361 4731 701, +62 8180 5307 164

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