Beach Front Garden

The green tropical garden set at the dramatic long sandy beach of Canggu, with the rhythmic waves to the fore.

Full Moon BBQ
Romantically lit setting by only the moon, the stars, the candles in bamboo leaves. The Tugu Bali’s private BBQ is where you can be at one with nature and enjoy absolute privacy with the chosen one. The BBQ features a selection of fresh ocean catches- lobsters, fish, king prawns, crabs and squid bought from the local fishermen of Canggu on arrival from their night trips on the Indian Ocean. Simply grilled, the seafood is served with a sambal matah, the famous Balinese shallot dressing, Sambal Terasi a Javanese chili and shrimp sauce, Sambal Kecap made from shallots and sweet soy sauce, lemon butter sauce and a selection of other condiments that bring all the flavour of the seafood to your palate. A most exquisite setting, this is the only place on the entire southwest coast of Bali that allows for complete privacy save that of the personal butler and chef.

Aphrodisiac picnic in bed at the private moonlit setting
On the southwest coast of Bali, on a long silky stretch of sand facing the Indian Ocean, Hotel Tugu Bali, standing silent against the warm glow of the setting sun, is a poet’s dream comes true. It is where the wind whispers romantic tales of ancient kingdoms and eternal love stories. As the sunset goes down behind the Indian Ocean, enter another world of Tugu, a dreamlike atmosphere filled with candlelight and magical sounds. For a romantic evening with your lover, bring romance to another height – Tugu style.

Book your 18th century antique bed, solo on a private beach, illuminated by oil lanterns and a red dusky Canggu sky, where you will be tucked in for a little private gourmet picnic under the moonlight – that ends with two blindfolds accompanying your to-die-for desserts.

Beach Front Garden
Hotel Tugu Bali
Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong
Canggu Beach
Bali – Indonesia
Phone +62 361 4731 702, +62 361 4731 701, +62 8180 5307 164

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