Canton Bistro

Staging Cantonese gastronomic enchantment with the beauty of Shunde Cuisine.

Canton Bistro’s Cantonese culinary philosophy is all about the provenance and sustainability of the ingredients, which are carefully sourced from the finest purveyors, while pledging to protect the environment. “We focus on crafting exceptional dining experience for our guests and spending green efforts to protect our beloved mother earth. The Canton Bistro team strives our excellence by taking a series of green initiatives, aside from curating menus according to WWF-Hong Kong’s Seafood Guide, we also use biodegradable takeaway containers and paper straws, as well as adopt practices like waste reduction, recycle, separation and more.” said Carlo Chan, Restaurant Manager of Canton Bistro.

Co-led by Executive Chef Chow Fu Yup and Executive Chef (Shunde) You Jie Yi, Canton Bistro has a menu that flawlessly displays the beauty of Cantonese and Shunde cuisines. The menu has a wide variety of dim sums, from childhood favorites including Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, “Har Gau”, Deep-fried Pork Croquettes, Drie Shrimp, “Haam Shui Kok” and Pan-fried Pork Dumplings, Chinese Chives, Dried Shrimp, to lavish option such as Steamed Soup Dumpling, Abalone, Conopy, Mushrooms, available daily from 11.30AM to 04.30PM, the dim sum menu is set to bring the best flavor of the Guangdon region.

Steaming, baking, stewing and braising are some basic cooking techniques in Shunde cuisine. Chef You, also known as “Shunde Master Chef”, had won the Champion in the Shunde Master Chef Competition, has a solid background in the Chinese hospitality industry. Chef You joined Canton Bistro with an aim to bringing the best flavors of Shunde cuisine to Hong Kong with his creative culinary and passionate approach over the years, he exquisitely combines traditional craftsmanship with the local taste. Shunde cuisine has a long history of more than two thousand years, and it has been a significant representation of Cantonese cuisine. River seafood is one of the most popular ingredients in the cuisine, reflect the true flavor of the river seafood, the chefs use nearly ancient traditional methods to cook and secret recipes from masters who came before us, this is what Shunde cuisine is all about.

The delectable dishes are coupled with friendly, approachable and unobtrusive service, in warm and convivial ambience. The Chinese-inspired contemporary design is a tasteful blend of oriental and Hong Kong styles, with artful mood lighting that sets a comforting and casual tone. Wooden furniture, antique Chinese vases and imperial teapots are elements that add little touches to the modern Chinese glamour. The restaurant is composed of a main dining area, semi-private room and private room, that is set to take the city by storm with a dining experience perfect for friends and loved ones.

Canton Bistro
G/F, Club Wing,
Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel
180 Wong Chuk Hang Road,
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR, PRC
Phone. +852 3555 1910

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