Hujan Locale

Hujan Locale is a venue guaranteed to delight those looking for the next level in Modern Indonesian Cuisine and all day dining elegance.

Hujan Locale is located on Jalan Sri Widari, footsteps from the bustling Ubud Central Market. Since opening in 2014, Hujan Locale has gained a reputation for serving high quality traditional Indonesian food, and this will never change.

At street level, Hujan Locale is inspired by Old Jakarta and has introduced an elegant yet relaxed all day dining area. Furnishings and decor evocative of the “Exotic East Indies” enhance the ambience while the bar area provides elevated seating and a beautiful long bar of antique polished wood.

Featuring Hujan Locale’s signature cocktails, twists on the classics and indulgently lavish creations, the Hujan Locale long board gourmet pizzas with locally sourced and unusual ingredients as well as an Indonesian Tapas style menu Hujan’s ground floor area will bring to life a past tradition of Batavian Cafe Culture, a hark back to the elegance of the Java Jazz era where open to the street daytime bars served fashionable cocktails to a sophisticated and fun loving clientele who sipped, snacked and smoked in relaxed fashion at anytime of the day.

During the daylight hours Hujan Locale’s downstairs will exude the atmosphere of the Parisian Cafe Bar with family seating and bar service, then, as the sun sets to the sounds of chilled modern Indonesian jazz fusion, the ambience envelops the adult world of cocktail hour, supper rendezvous and late night bar style dining.

Upstairs Hujan Locale’s dining area has become a 30 seater booking only dinner venue on weekdays open from 6pm to 11pm and on weekends there will be an additional brunch service from 12 noon to 3pm. The menu will continue to celebrate the cuisine of Indonesia and honour the farm to table practices Hujan Locale is known for: The use of sustainably grown produce, the home smoked and cured meats, the locally sourced organic vegetables and the creation of contemporary twists on traditional Indonesian cuisine that has brought regional foods into the international spotlight. Hujan Locale’s menu reflectS the elevation of Modern Indonesian Cuisine into a world class dining choice.

Some of the menu that is a must try at Hujan Locale includes: 48 hr Rawon short rib beef with wood roasted bone marrow, baby carrots, kecai sprouts served in black nut sauce; Kampung pizza; Sundanese steamed and fried fish dumplings with chili peanut sauce and sambal ketchup; Manadonese Tuna gohu with cracked coconut cream beetroot sorbet ginger flower, “Steamed Ikan bumbu kuning” with green and red tomatoes, sour star fruit, lemon basil,,chili and charred sweet corn and sambal dabu dabu; Betawi soft shell crab asinan with pickled organic vegetable’s sambal kacang and krupuk; Chili wood roasted ayam taliwang stuffed with prawn meat served with cassava chips; “Gulai Ikan Salai”.

Hujan Locale
Jalan Sri Wedari 5
Bali – Indonesia
Phone. +62 813 3972 0306

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