Ji at Bale Sutra 1706

Japanese fusion, fine wines & sake bar

Entering one of the three unique doorways into Ji at Bale Sutra 1706, located in the empirical enclave of Hotel Tugu Bali is to participate in a mythical experience for the senses that lingers between the pleasures of this world and those of another. Leading the heart of this journey is the namesake and inspiration of this unique Japanese cum Peranakan Chinese dining experience – the 310 year old Kang XI period temple which Tugu Hotels founder/designer, Anhar Setjadibrata, rescued from ruins in Java and completely reconstructed on the first island in Indonesia where the temple landed hundreds of years ago.

The fusion of the ancient Japanese and Chinese cultures which are reflected not only in the ornate animal carvings of the Chinese temple’s elegant dark wood façade, but also in the restaurant’s branding – an innovative take on Japanese calligraphy highlighting the fanciful flora, fauna and cultural elements of the region – offers animated glimpses into the past while at the same time spearheading into the future. The temple exemplifies the nearly 2000 years old relationship between the two cultures and stands as a testament to the vast influence the more ancient China had on aspects of life in Japan.

Ji (which means ‘temple’ in Japanese & Chinese) at Bale Sutra 1706 has 4 different parts:
1. The hip, exotic, historic Red Room which houses the majestic centuries-old temple, with artifacts of old Balinese culture (a delicate 18th century Goddess of Mercy being one of them), beautiful carvings and details of mythological animals over the roofs and ceilings, heritage pieces of the grandiose lives of barons and Balinese sovereigns from past centuries.
2. The front bar, with eclectic, ‘maximalist’ design surrounding ancient KABUKI theme, serving Asian-inspired mixologist cocktails, fine wines & sake, with 2 Japanese bamboo pavilion/huts for Japanese style seating.
3. The upstairs, sea-view, alfresco casual dining/lounge under the stars – also great for people watching from the top of the trendy Batu Bolong road
4. The Wine To Go & Delivery service, which aims to provide the villas in Bali with the most affordable fine wines & sake in the island (retail prices)

The mythical connection is further manifested by 3 very characteristic entrances. Those looking to partake in the delicate fusion of Japanese culinary euphoria may enter through the low Gate of Heaven, where one has to bend low to be able to enter under the big golden Buddha; those seeking to show their devotion can enter through the Gate of Love, where upon entering one can look up to the majestic centuries-old statue of the Goddess of Love, Gwan Yin; and those in search of decadence and leaving the hectic modern day behind can enter past a pair of statues of mythological guards and through the four-meter high Gate of Hell, which tellingly leads to some people’s idea of heaven—a KABUKI-inspired bar offering the finest sakes from Japan, contemporary Japanese-inspired exotically-infused cocktails and a covetable collection of fine boutique wines from around the world.

No matter the choice of entry, a culinary aficionado’s dreams will be fulfilled in the selection of dishes that celebrate Japanese traditions fused with other exotic cultural influences. After feasting on a meal such as the Dragon of Ji Roll shaped as a dragon; the Crab and Fennel Tsukiji Salad; the most melt-in-your-mouth Pork Belly with ginger & scallion; the Smokey Salmon Zaru Soba with home-smoked salmon belly and citrus broth, Yuzu, Mint & Basil sorbet, Green Tea cheesecake & Peach Millefeuille, guests can be forgiven for assuming they have sampled from a monarch’s personal menu.

Patrons who venture through the decadent proceedings downstairs and to the upper floor lounge can find themselves enchanted by another version of heaven: the 180 degree views of the magical Indian Ocean’s crashing surf as it ebbs and flows onto the exotic sands of Canggu Beach. Imagine sipping the JI’s signature cocktail Gin and Tea (Dragon Tea-Infused Tanqueray, Aperol, Grapefruit and Lemon), or the dramatic Coco Sexo that goes to smoke inspired by the volcanoes. This is how JI at Bale Sutra’s journey culminates and where all guests’ senses find their ancient match in the fusion of time and space.

Ji at Bale Sutra 1706
Hotel Tugu Bali
Jl.Pantai Batu Bolong
Canggu Beach
Bali – Indonesia
Phone +62 361 473 1701, +62 812 396 52695
Email: ji@tuguhotels.com

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