Karma Beach Club

A cliffhanger beach resort with a captivating must-see view of the Indian Ocean.

Karma Kandara sits on a spectacular limestone cliff top high above the Indian Ocean. Karma Beach Club is exclusive, though unchecked-in guests are also welcome. Access to the beach club is by a hill tram that traverses 85 meters off the cliff face. Visitors can relax in the whimsical, cozy environs of a curvilinear bamboo pavilion complete with bar, kitchen, wood-fired pizza oven and lounge seating, which extends to the beach itself. Karma Beach Club is open for beach picnics, as well as beach activities and water sports.

The drive to the Beach club was winding and scenic, and we wondered which village we were heeded to, but a sharp left turn revealed a whole new world. Upon arriving, we walked into the Di Mare Restaurant which presented an unending view of the blue Indian Ocean. We spent a few minutes in a waiting area for the tram to return to the top and take us down to the beach. The waiting area is an overhanging patio the offered a full panoramic view of the Club and the Beach. It was simply exhilarating, and the tram ride down to the beach felt like a levitating decent unto the beach.

The hill tram was fantastic, a bit scary, but at the same time fun, and the kids loved it. The polite Tram operator hands you over the waiting smiles of the team at the “Beach Club” and unto your reserved seating hut.

The Menu offered uniquely-Karma Beach options of plethora of irresistible gastronomic delights. Lots of Sea Foods, drinks, Pizzas and many more that catered to the appetite adults as well as those of children. There was something good for each member of the family.

The kids couldn’t wait to get in the water, so we quickly ordered them some delicious and cheesy Cheese Pizzas while we spent a few more minutes figuring out ours.

We got some Crispy Squids, Tomatoes, and Buratta Cheese for, starters, and the “Vanilla Passion” was a cocktail to remember. The infusion of all three items was spectacular. We enjoyed it. The Main Course was the “Mykonos Platter” served with salads. It was rich in Grilled squid, Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, Pita bread and three choices of dips. For Dessert, we had the sizzling Chocolate Brownies with ice-cream. And we ordered the Balinese fruit platter as we went down to our sunbeds.

We headed to the Beach to join the kids who were having a full fun time, playing in the sand, building sand castles, and swimming in the ocean. What I loved the most was the cleanliness of the beach sand. The water is so clear that one could pick up shells and sea rocks. The height and frequency of the tides were just perfect, creating just the right volume of waves for guests (kids and adults alike) to paddle on their surfboards and bathe the salty ocean swell.

You can enjoy Karma Beach Club anytime you, or you and your loved ones are in Bali. Karma Beach Bali accepts walk-in guests, although reservations are preferable.

By Angel Onu-Njoku| Photos Courtesy of Karma Beach Club

Karma Beach Club
Jalan Villa Kandara, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma,
Bali – Indonesia
Phone. +62 361 848 2200

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