Lara Djonggrang Bar

Lara Djonggrang Bar is chicly primitive, with sweet traditional tunes during the day and sensual lounge music playing in the evening with a brick-walled wine cellar.

A traditional hut with hundred-year-old thick wooden benches and tables, a long old teak bar, oil lamps and semi-open bamboo windows and beautiful artworks.

The legend of Lara Djonggrang
After more than a thousand years, the timeless, mystical legend of Lara Djonggrang, apart from being documented into a most uniquely romantic restaurant in Jakarta, it has its story in Tugu Lombok as well.

Once upon a time during the times of the Hinduism in Java, there lived Lara Djonggrang, a princess renowned for her stunning beauty. In during kingdom of Prambanan , Lara Djonggrang’s father was killed by a powerful man Bandung Bondowoso, the son of king Prabu Baka. Blinded by her beauty, Bandung Bondowoso madly fell in love with the princess and was determined to marry Lara Djonggrang, whatever it required to do.

Lara Djonggrang vowed not to ever marry the man who had murdered her own father therefore she demanded Bandung Bondowoso to construct a thousand temples for her overnight. Unable to complete this task all by himself, Bandung Bondowoso seeked for the help of hundreds of demons to help him. So when dusk came, they set up to work.

As dawn approached, the demons had completed a large number of the temples at a startling speed. Worried that one thousand temples would be finished by sunrise, Lara Djonggrang aroused her palace maids to begin pounding rice in the barns and to scatter fragrant flowers all over the kingdom. The sound of the pounding woke the rooster who then beganto crow. When the demons heard the noises and smelled the flowers, they mistakenly understood that day time had come and flew away for their lives. At last, they only constructed 999 temples one short of the requirement.

Enraged beyond imaginations, Bandung Bondowoso turned Lara Djonggrang into a stone statue so that she would never be able to love others forever. The story of Lara Djonggrang lives through time, symbolizing a daughter’s undying love for her father, finally sacrificing her life for him. The Gods heard the prayers sent by the maidens of the kingdom. Touched by the story, they sent for Lara Djonggrang to be taken to the heavens, riding on a Javanese mythological lion, where she finally found eternal peace.

The artworks presented in this restaurant bring back to life the luxurious romance and ancient atmosphere of Prambanan.

Lara Djonggrang Bar
Hotel Tugu Lombok
Sire Beach, Sigar Penjalin village
Tanjung, Lombok
West Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia
Phone +62 370 612 0111, +62 819 3799 5566, +62 87 864 361 634

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