Mosaic All Day Dining Restaurant

Mosaic All Day Dining Restaurant offers the true gem of modern gastronomy in Bandung.

Bandung is known as the secondary modern city that still hold the strong vibes of its Sundanese cultures in so many aspects. Especially its traditional cuisines that is everyone’s favourite. Bandung is the place for culinary destination due to the selection of cuisines that are available in the city.

One of popular restaurants in Bandung is the Mosaic All Day Dining Restaurant which is located at the Crowne Plaza Bandung. The star of this restaurant is off course the simply delicious taste of its food. The Executive Chef Panji Persada who has been exploring both international and local flavors for more than 10 years, is the one who is successfully bring up the identity of Mosaic All Day Dining Restaurant. By the help of the hotel culinary Team, several signature dishes have been brought to the market and patrons have never doubted its quality.

While in town, make sure to try some of Che Panji mouth watering creations, such as the famous mouth-watering delicacies such as Hot Stone Grill Sous Vide Medallion, Pizza Rendang, Crispy Durian, as well as the oriental cuisines are some of the highlighted menu that cannot be missed in this Mosaic All Day Dining. Complete with an array of tantalizing dessert, smokey BBQ station, and the handmade fresh sushi corner, patrons are really facing the pleasant choices to satisfy their palate.

Yes, especially in traditional cuisines which is always becoming everyone’s favorites. This might be a challenge for any restaurant and culinary industry that offer something out of the ordinary. Therefore, unique identity in terms of service, distinctive products, and tasteful flavors must be the highlight of the selling points. And, Mosaic All Day Dining Restaurant as one of the main food and beverage outlets at the Crowne Plaza Bandung, offers all of those aspects to the patrons and it makes Mosaic Resto has a special spot in Bandung’s market.

Dining at Mosaic All Day Dining Restaurant means that you will also get a privilege to experience the true hospitality of 5-star international hotel standard as the Crowne Plaza Bandung is also part of InterContinental Hotel Group. It is one of the biggest international hotel chain that is highly dedicated in ensuring guest satisfaction through the service, facilities, and products. Thus, Mosaic All Day Dining Restaurant is really offering the highest standard of enjoying finest cuisine in town.

The modern and elegant interior touches every corner in this spacious area. Bathed in blue, plum and brown colors, Mosaic All Day Dining Restaurant offers a positive and pleasant ambiance. Thus, plenty of special events like Sangjit, engagement, birthday celebration, gathering, and many more.

Crowne Plaza Bandung
Jl. Lembong No.19,
West Java – Indonesia
Phone. +62 22 3000 2500

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