Plataran Menteng

The elegance of Indonesian dining

Plataran Group created their brand based on the concept of a true Indonesian Icon. This time is no different as they present Plataran Menteng, the newest royal Indonesian-Asian dining venue which gracefully represents the elegance of Indonesian dining.

Plataran Menteng located in downtown Jakarta, on Jalan H.O.S Cokroaminoto No. 42, is a strategic area which has long been known as an elite residential area in Central Jakarta. Plataran Menteng stands majestically as an exclusive venue and dining spot with a colonial concept and homey ambience. The beauty of it reflects from a little garden inside and outside the building that bonds it with nature.

The layout of the restaurant represents a royal residence. It has three floors and a rooftop. The first floor is a restaurant area with a bar; here there are two dining areas and two private rooms which can cater up to 150 guests. The second floor is an area where their loyal customers can enjoy an intimate nuance. It has two dining areas, a lounge, and five private rooms. The Third floor is perfect for you to sit and relax while enjoying beverages and snacks. This area can seat up to 60 guests. Finally, the rooftop, where the guests can enjoy the beautiful view of the city while having a good time, is very good for private events and accommodates up to 20 guests.

The restaurant offers Indonesian and Asian cuisines, influenced by the colonial era and other Asian foods. When it comes to the “Plataran” brand, one thing is guaranteed, the food is always good. This brand quality and taste apply when you dine at Plataran Menteng. A look through the menu, reveals a wide range of options to choose from. The ‘Mutumanikam’ is a must-try appetizer; it is simply fresh and delicious. Other personal favourites include Kerapu Bakar Madura, Bebek Mawur that burst with flavours, a meat lovers favorite, Iga Lada Hitam, and Gurame Telor Asin are must-tries. With a wide range of delicious foods to choose from, make sure you leave some room for desserts, as Pisang Goreng Plataran is absolutely delicious and a definite must-try.

Plataran Menteng is not only a place to dine, but it is also ideal for formal and informal events; from corporate gatherings, wedding parties, birthday bashes, and many more. Plataran Menteng is the perfect place to create unforgettable moments.

Text by Priscilla Picauly | Photos courtesy of Plataran Menteng

Plataran Menteng
Jl. H.O.S Cokroaminoto No. 42, Menteng
Jakarta – Indonesia
Phone. +62 21 2962 7771

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