Prohibition Grill House & Cocktail Bar

Prohibition Grill House & Cocktail Bar, is a commodious rendezvous offering a comprehensive array of nostalgic American dishes and cocktails with a contemporary twist inspired from the 1920s Prohibition era.

Opulent yet cozy, Prohibition Grill House & Cocktail Bar was brought to life by Remedios Studio, through classic references with modern nuances paying tribute to the 1920s history. The bar sets the tone with its speakeasy ambience, atmospheric lighting, red velvet curtains and raw materials like copper, brick, leather mimic the olden days’ drinking den. Through the curated art pieces hanging on the walls, as well as the gentry hats and Oxford shoes, the space recalls the secretive luxurious lifestyles of the noble class during the special times in 1920s.

Helmed by Executive Chef Jason R. Loyd, a meat expert who has a solid background in the USA and Hong Kong, the menu of Prohibition Grill House & Cocktail Bar boasts a vast selection of unforgettable dishes that will delight guests’ appetite. Embark on a delectable culinary journey at the Buffet Salad Bar, showcasing premium cold cuts, cheeses, leafy greens and artisanal breads. Carefully selected ingredients such as crab meat and prawns light up the signature Seafood Chowder, comforting and savory. The restaurant offers a 3-course Set Lunch, available daily from 11.30AM to 02.30PM. While flavor of the dishes is of crucial importance, the team has endeavored to the source of the ingredients by following the recommendation from WWF-Hong Kong’s Seafood Guide. Chef’s recommended signatures using sustainable seafood dishes include: Scallop Ceviche – The Japanese wild caught scallop offers a fresh flavor which is further enhanced by the mango lime sauce topped with herbs, a refreshing appetizer to start of a meal; Prawn Cocktail – Poached wild caught prawns from Canada are matched with the homemade seafood dressing and lime jelly, a true re-interpretation of this classic dish.

Apart from sustainable seafood dishes, Prohibition Grill House & Cocktail Bar features dishes made from premium meats from all over the world. Beef Tartare – The Beef Tartare topped with slow-cooked egg yolk has a satisfying beef flavor, with homemade potato chips on side, adding a crunchy texture to every bite; USDA Prime Bone-in Ribeye – The signature 44oz ribeye is dry-aged for 28 days with bourbon and oolong tea. Juicy and tender, the delectable dish is perfect for sharing.

Sweet tooth must not miss the dessert selection. From classic items such as New York Cheesecake, Apple Crumble and Chocolate Brownie), to innovative creations such as Smoky Sweeteasy and Flamed Alaska, Prohibition Grill House & Cocktail Bar owns a dessert menu that never disappoints.

Curated cocktail is another indispensable element at Prohibition Grill House & Cocktail Bar. Echoing the Prohibition theme, the mixology mix and make 13 splendid signature cocktails with names begin with the 13 letters of the word “Prohibition”. Whisky lovers will be thrilled when opening the restaurant’s “Whisky and Beef Pairing Bible” where the two are orchestrated well in pairs for easy selection. Prohibition Grill House & Cocktail Bar provides an extensive and unique wine program which appeals to all wine lovers, pleasant and approachable for the novice yet extensive and exciting for connoisseurs, offering fine wines from popular regions in the USA, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand to growing niche countries such as South Africa and Lebanon.

From colorful collages on the walls to crystal pendant lamps, and wooden fans on the ceiling beautifully complementing the burgundy red sofas, the main dining area is set to provide a comfortable and timeless dining ambience for diners. The center of the dining area opens up on the live cook kitchen, showcasing the charcoal grill and spit roast stations where guests can enjoy watching their palatable steaks being prepared by the professional chef team at work. The two private dining rooms at both ends of the restaurant offer the best locations for intimate celebrations, business meetings and group gatherings.

Prohibition Grill House & Cocktail Bar
G/F, Club Wing,
Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel
180 Wong Chuk Hang Road,
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR, PRC
Phone. +852 3555 1900

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