A taste of memory, a bowl of nostalgia.

The taste, smell, and texture of food can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back memories not just of eating the food itself but also of places and settings. This might be one of the reasons why these two best-friends opened their own restaurant named Salapan.

Officially opened at November 2018, Salapan is pioneered by two friends who have the same date of birth, Sarah Sechan and Sandra Djohan. They chose the name Salapan which means nine (the date of their birth) in Sundanese.

Offering a selection of chicken noodle, Salapan is heaven for noodle lovers, the restaurant also serves Indonesian all time favorite food. Basically all the menu at Salapan is the food that remind them of sweet memories, a moment to enjoy their favorite menu, one of them is the original Bandung chicken noodle. They want to bring the real taste of ‘Mie Ayam” Bandung to Jakarta noodle enthusiasts.

A variety of chicken noodle you can find at Salapan are Mie Ayam Bakso, Mie Ayam Jamur Bakso, and many more noodle with a wide variety of side dishes, such as mushrooms, dumplings, and tofu meatballs. A must-try is Mie Mamah Arisan, chicken noodle served with a combination of dumplings, tofu meatballs, meatballs and fried dumplings, while Mie Papah Lapar menu served with chicken noodle, meatballs, dumplings, tofu meatballs, fried dumplings and fried siomay. For spicy food lovers, you can’t miss Salapan’s new menu, Mie Mamah Cerewet, this noodle menu offers a delicious concoction of the special Salapan’s noodle with Taichan sambal, fresh and spicy.

Another favorite Indonesian menu you might want to try are Fried Rice, Soto Betawi, Honey Roasted Chicken, Lontong Sayur, Ketoprak and many more. Traditional snacks such as Pempek, Lumpia, Siomay, and Fried Cassava are also available. Salapan serves up a nostalgia taste, where you can enjoy a variety of favorite Indonesian “jajanan” and authentic Indonesian menu that brings back your sweet memories.

Occupying a former restaurant epilogue, while the food selection at Salapan is kept simple, the interior in Salapan showed an elegant traditional style, modern yet classic Javanese interior with a high ceiling Joglo style. With a concept of Joglo modern style, Salapan is inspired by Indonesian home, you can enjoy an intimate chit chat with friends at one comfortable corner with colorful sofas which gives the restaurant a nice warm Indonesian home vibes.

Open from 10.00AM to 08.00PM, Salapan offers a 50 person capacities. A long table available that can accommodate 12 people is a best option for small gathering with friends or family.

Salapan Bakmie
Jl.Cipete Raya No.18
Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia
Phone. +62 21 759 02457

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