Sang Hyang Barong Temple

Once a palace where a king reside, now Sang Hyang Barong Temple is the best place to enjoy grand Rojsttafel cultural dining in Lombok.

Raja Ngurah Gde Karang Asem was a Balinese king from the Karang Asem dynasty who reigned over Lombok. Refusing to surrender to the Dutch colonial government, he was finally captured and exiled to Batavia, after being framed by the Dutch during the negotiation on top of the Dutch warship in 1894. He died in Batavia and his ashes were scattered into Lombok Strait in 1972.

This Sang Hyang Barong Temple was an important part of the palace where the king resided. Sadly it was destroyed by the Dutch; it took years for the Tugu Hotels family to compile and renovate the separated pieces, to assemble and rebuild them again to remind further generations of King Ngurah Gde Karang Asem’s heroism. This beautiful building will stand for many years to come, as a treasured legacy of Lombok’s rich and romantic history.

Grand Rijsttafel Cultural Dining
Tugu’s traditional Grand Rijsttafel, or Rice Table, portrays the most elaborate and lavish social feast that used to be celebrated by the Dutch plantation lords when they hosted their honorable guests during the colonial years. Created by the inland Dutch to explore the best of what Indonesian food has to offer, the grand meal used to be served at the most high-end dinner for the Dutch officials at that time. The grandiose atmosphere is built upon the sumptuous menu on the table: mounts of yellow rice surrounded by sampling of different Indonesian dishes varying in spices, color and flavors. It is a true journey for the taste buds.

Traditionally each of the twelve dishes dish, including Perkedel Udang Windu (Stuffed Prawn with Potato Fritter), Rendang Pariaman (Stew Beef in Coconut Milk, Kare Ayam (Javanese Chicken Curry), and Soto Ayam Madura (Madurese Turmeric Chicken Soup) that contributes to the Grand Rijsttafel is served by one waiter, adding up to an impressive total of twelve waiters who line up and serve their part extravagantly in front of each guest.

Sang Hyang Purnama
No wedding ceremony is more romantic, no vows touch the heart more than at Sang Hyang Purnama, the open-air elevated wedding altar under a million stars and the moon, by the waters and the sparkling sea of Lombok, lit by a hundred lanterns. Purnama means full moon, and on the altar of Sang Hyang Purnama, a marriage is showered with blessings by the moon. Sang Hyang Purnama is located next by the largest pool in Lombok steps from the sea, made of the black stone from the Mount Merapi, the sacred volcano of Java. No barrier is existent, the view is uninterrupted to the open sea, symbolizing the magnitude that love extends between one person to another.

Sang Hyang Barong Temple
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