The Sugar Baron Room

Eat like a sugar baron

This room is created in commemorating the memory of a sugar baron of Southeast Asia who lived in Java, Oei Tiong Ham. In the early 20th century, Oei Tiong Ham was one of the richest men in Asia.

This room features very rare and exquisite Chinese antiquities that originated from the periods between the Han Dinasty and the Ching Dinasty. The Sugar Baron Room is available for exclusive lunch, dinner, or private conferences for up to 40 people.

Grand Rijsttafel at Sugar Baron Room
The word Rijstaffel is originated from the word “Rijs” or rice, and the word “tafel” could be defined as a special table for dining or a long list of spices to prepare this cuisine. This one comprehensive Rijstaffel menu is made out of twelve different Indonesian traditional food which is adored by many Europeans: nutritious, delicious, natural ingredients, traditional and Indonesianese, healthy, beautiful looked at with many natural colors and rich in variety.

Tugu’s Traditional Grand Rijsttafel, or Rice Table, portrays the sumptuous social feast that used to be celebrated by the Dutch plantation lords when they hosted their honorable guests during the Colonial years.

The Sugar Baron Room
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