The Best of Angkringan

The best and coziest Javanese place for hangout in Yogyakarta is found at Angkringan Gadjah.

Yogyakarta is one of the favorite places to visit in Indonesia, both by domestic and foreign tourists. Not only offering interesting sights, but this cultural city is also famous as a culinary destination which offers a wide range of food, each with its own distinctive taste. Some dishes are unique, and they represent the character of Yogyakarta’s cuisine; those dishes include Gudeg, Bakpia, Sate Kere, Sate Klathak, Bakmi Jowo and Nasi kucing.

One of the set menus is Nasi Kucing – a small portion of rice usually with toppings and wrapped in banana leaves. Nasi Kucing can be easily found in Angkringan. Now, Angkringan is very popular in Yogyakarta; it usually has a traditional setting and a very comfortable place where you can spend a good time with your family and friends while enjoying a wide range of dishes. All the dishes are served in small portions usually a bite (or two) size. The aim is so you can try as many dishes as you want.

There are so many Angkringan in Yogyakarta, but I recommend trying Angkringan Gadjah. You will never get bored dining here at Angkringan Gadjah. Why? Simply because around 150 dishes are being served on a daily basis for you to choose from. From a wide range of nasi kucing, satay, snacks, vegetable dishes to different types of sambal, lalapan, traditional desserts, and many more. Food is not the only star in this place; there is also a wide selection of beverages for you to choose from, including its favourite beverages Wedhang Gadjah and Wedhang Mesra. Personally, I prefer Wedhang Gadjah, not only does it tastes good, but it also makes my body warm. The portion of Wedhang Gadjah is quite big so you can conveniently share it with your friends, although I’ve never shared mine.

There are many interesting and reasonable promotions available here, Such as; all u can eat (rice + 3 kinds of vegetables + 2 kinds of side dishes + drink) all for only IDR. 15,000. This promo is valid from 11.00AM until 04.00PM. A special discount is also available to guests who upload their photos to their social media while in Angkringan Gadjah.

Although the impression of traditional is very strong in this place, it is also following the trend, and making this place very instagramable. Some spots will make your Instagram the envy of your friends. Some of the most popular spots here include a collection of colorful ancient windows and walls with murals depicting the city of Yogyakarta inside the restaurant.

Angkringan Gadjah
Jl. Kaliurang KM 9
Yogyakarta – Indonesia
Instagram: @angkringangadjahyk

Text by Melani Semuel | Photos courtesy of Angkringan Gadjah

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