Tien Chao

A haven of satisfaction for your taste buds.

Stunningly bright and decorated with a variety of Chinese artwork, this elegant restaurant brings the finest authentic Cantonese, Szechwan and dim sum dishes to the heart of Jakarta. Situated on the second floor at the Lobby Level of Gran Melia Jakarta, Tien Chao literally means “Blissful Palace”. The spacious restaurant overlooks a Chinese stone garden and fishpond, giving this restaurant a very charming and graceful atmosphere. The main dining room accommodates up to 150 persons and there are 4 private dining rooms.

Tien Chao provides broad selection of Cantonese and Szechuan cuisines that is available to be enjoyed. Peking duck, pitan chicken egg porridge are some of the awesome main dishes. The main dishes that very known well is Peking duck which is the whole duck that roasted in high temperature with hoisin sauce that make it become a little bit red-brown would indulge your tongue.

There are also a selection of dim sum favorites such as shiu mai, hakaw, xiao long bao, scallop dumplings, chicken claw, char siew bao chicken, and many more. the most popular one is xiao long bao which is the steamed chicken bakpao with the thin slice that cover the steamed meat with its boiling soup poured out when you bite it. Just like the main dishes, menu choices of clay pots, cooking wok fried, and soup is also not to be missed. Complete your brunch and lunch with a cup of hot Chinese tea to warm up your day. There are also several kinds of drinks provided in Tien Chao restaurant. To complete the dining experience, indulge in tempting chilled mango pudding or coconut pudding, lemongrass jelly, durian tempura melon and sago.

Tien Chao is a modern-day Chinese restaurant that is popular amongst business people and families. With the splendid dish selection to satisfy various connoisseurs and friendly service of the staff, Tien Chao Chinese restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience.

Tien Chao
Gran Melia Jakarta
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. X-O
Jakarta – Indonesia
Phone. +62 21 526 8080

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