Wantilan Agung

Boast with very high ceilings supported by giant wooden columns, Wantilan Agung is inspired by the ceremonial house in a Balinese ancient village and is filled with antiques and cultural relics.

Every pillar is topped with a giant Boma carving – a mythical animal that is believed to protect the village from bad spirits. In the middle of this room, there is a gigantic 4.5 meters high wooden Garuda statue, carved from a 120-years-old tree trunk. With view to the ocean, all menus are available here: seafood, gourmet continental cuisine, traditional Balinese, Javanese, and Chinese Peranakan menu and it hosts up to 200 guests.

Megibung – An Exotic Ancient Balinese Feast
Megibung is an exotic occasion of ancient Balinese dining, usually made for family gatherings, meeting or functions. In Megibung, the chair-less sitting arrangements are made from the north-end of the table, starting with the oldest member and ending with the youngest member at the other end of the long table. Each member of the gathering wears traditional Balinese clothing. Originally this traditional dining was held for every Balinese gathering, however these days this way of dining can only be found in few isolated villages in Bali.

The menu presented according to the style of its tradition is typically Balinese and offers: Nasi Tumpeng (rice cones)-with the highest tumpeng presented to the oldest person and the shortest tumpeng presented to the youngest, Sate Lilit (Grilled Fish on Lemongrass), Udang Goreng (Crisp Fried Battered Shrimp). A roasted suckling pig, the Babi Guling, the most popular dish of Balinese dining, is available on request

Selamatan Jaranan
Selamatan Jaranan is one of most festive celebrations existing on the island of Java, where as part of the ritual, a traditional Javanese dance is performed and includes the “trance” stage of the dancer while riding a “colorful bamboo horse” and following the rhythm of “gamelan”, a traditional Javanese musical instrument.

Set along the corridor of Bale Agung, at a modest long table set with chair-less dining and served with colorful “jaran” and “pecut”, terracotta plates, lit by lampu “sentir” the traditional coconut-oil lamp, guests experience the traditional Javanese “selamatan” dining with its rustic colorful table set-up and decoration.

The meal starts with tea or kopi tubruk (Javanese-style tea or coffee), then layers of Sego Kuning (Turmeric Steamed Rice) and Sego Gurih (Coconut Steamed Rice with Perkedel Lombok (Red Chili Stuffed with Potato Fritter), Terancam (Fresh Vegetable Salad) and a Pitik Ingkung (Stewed Chicken in Coconut Milk) are presented on banana leaf-covered square wooden plates.

Wantilan Agung
Hotel Tugu Bali
Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong
Canggu Beach
Bali – Indonesia
Phone +62 361 4731 702, +62 361 4731 701, +62 8180 5307 164

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