Waroeng Tugu

A journey through time

The concept of Waroeng Tugu is to recreate a ‘lifestyle experience’ of the Javanese and Balinese people in the past, to show how they ate at the comfort of their own homes and at the “waroeng” a simple traditional hut used to eat lunch and dinner. Waroeng Tugu is created for its delicacies and also to record the history of the country in its daily life the meals that were eaten and the experience of the people.

Iboe Soelastri cooking class – traditional Indonesian gastronomy
Known for its authentic traditional Indonesian food in Bali and Java, Hotel Tugu Bali is a place where a cooking class is not just about cooking food, but also a unique experience that introduces you to a tradition hundreds of years old. It opens the doors to a glimpse into the beautiful simplicity and the exotic richness of Indonesian dining and cooking culture.

Commencing in the morning, you begin by choosing the dishes they most prefer from the large collection of Javanese and Balinese recipes. A visit to a Balinese traditional market follows where all the freshest ingredients of the archipelago of islands, once known as the Spice Islands, can be found amidst the daily bustle of modern day market life. While gathering the ingredients for the cooking class you will be involved in and experience first-hand the Balinese way of daily living, the jovial and sometimes noisy bargaining style of the vendors and buyers.

Sample of traditional Javanese menu includes Nasi Goreng Jawa (Stir-fried rice in traditional Javanese spices), Botok Daging (Minced marinated beef, cooked in banana leaves), Sambal Goreng Udang (Marinated shrimps and potatoes in red pepper), Lodeh Tewel Tahu Tempe (Stew of young jackfruit, soybean cake and tofu in coconut milk), Ayam Panggang Bumbu Terik (Grilled chicken, marinated in coconut milk and various spices). Some of the delicious traditional Balinese menu are Sambal Matah (Balinese shallot & lemongrass dressing), Pesan Bepasih (Steamed Balinese fish in lemongrass, wrapped in banana leaves), Sate Lilit (Lemongrass skewers of minced fish in various spices), Lawar Kacang (Marinated long bean and chicken salads), Jukut Ares (Banana stem soup) and Ayam Pelalah (The popular fare of Balinese shredded chicken). Sample of traditional dessert menu including the mouth watering Lumpur Telo Ungu (Sweet Purple Potato Cake), Kue Klepon (Green Rice Cake with palm sugar filling) and Es Campur (Shaved ice with mix fruits)

Breakfast with Bapak (Mister) & Mbok (Madam) Miun
Surrounded by lavishly green rice fields, in the island of Java, lived an old husband and wife, Bapak & Mbok Miun. From their traditional and humble home, Mbok Miun opened a small simple al-fresco “waroeng”, a traditional dining hut by the rice fields. There she served her famous home cooking, all from her own family recipes. Set with antique wooden benches experience the rustic delights of the “Makan Pagi Bersama Bapak and Mbok Miun” atmosphere at Tugu Bali. The menu includes simple classics like Nasi Pecel Pagi, Nasi Goreng Jawa, Nasi Buk Madura, Tipat Mekuah, Bubur Ayam Babah, and many more.

Waroeng Tugu
Hotel Tugu Bali
Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong
Canggu Beach
Bali – Indonesia
Phone +62 361 4731 702, +62 361 4731 701, +62 8180 5307 164

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