Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay

Nestled on the Bali’s southwest part, the Jimbaran Bay, which is long known for its riveting sunset, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay offers a truly authentic Balinese experience for its distinctive guests.

The moment I stepped my feet into the lobby when I arrived at the Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay, I feel an immediate calm and relaxed feelings, this resort surely has some tranquil and peacefulness charms in it. Inspired by the layout of a Balinese village, the accommodations at this award-winning resort comes in seven distinct ‘villages,’ all with customary Village Chiefs. The view from the fully-renovated Premier Ocean Villas -my home away from home for the next two nights- was easily took my breath away, the vast turquoise ocean and clear blue sky greeted these city-guy eyes of mine. The modern tropical design of the villa reflects the grace and beauty of Balinese architecture, the spacious bedroom opens onto the pool and separate outdoor living Bale, while an al fresco shower garden complements the elegant, stylish bathroom with vintage bathtub which I love so much.

On clear sunny day, enjoy a splash in your private infinity pool or just relax by the daybed to have a perfect sunkissed skin as a memento of your trip from Bali. Or simply by enjoying the sunset at the outdoor living bale adjacent by the pool and has a sip of good wine. Terraced down a hillside above the ocean’s edge, my Villa offers stunning panoramas of Jimbaran Bay, while in the evening, the curving shoreline is ringed by torchlights on the beach creating a sweet closure to end my day. Sunset time can also be mean a cocktail time in Sundara, this stylish restaurant lures a classy crowd with its eclectic Asian cuisine, beachfront daybeds and great cocktails. I am enjoying the view of the stunning sunset while having a sip of Sundara Bloom in my hand; time goes slow when you are having a good time. After the sun sets on the horizon, the team escorted me to my table in the dining area which facing the sea. It was not the everyday moment for me to able to enjoy my dinner while looking and hear the sound of the great Indian Ocean at night. This experience felt both majestic and romantic at the same time.

Although I love the ideas of lazing poolside, eating and drinking all day during holiday, but at the same time I also always eager to experience the signature activities of a place where I stay, and this resort surely offers many of that experience. Participation in the ground-breaking anti-gravity yoga graced my morning. The yoga took about one-hour duration; and one of the highlight moves was the ‘one legged king pigeon’ pose; I was leaning upside down by the hammock while extending my torso and chest into a backbend and holding one of my feet using both hands. At first, it was so intense, but then the gravity relaxed my calves and naturally contoured my spine; a feat not easily attainable in other forms of yoga. This session gave me the opportunity to do postures I never thought personally possible. I feel satisfied and refreshed afterward.

On the second day, while the sky is clear and the sun is up, I was heading to the Coconut Grove located near the Sundara. There are various interesting water activities here, including Catamaran, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and much more. I had a good time riding a Water bike, the world’s most advanced human-powered watercrafts to date. It pretty much felt like I was riding a bike, with the pedals and all, the only difference is it floats above the water. You can choose between 30 mins or one-hour duration to experience an exhilarating and safe ride across the top of the waves, and a unique vantage point from which to sightsee around Jimbaran Bay. Embark on a journey to immerse in alive Balinese culture at Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay and enhance your stay experience at the island of Gods, Bali.

Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay
Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan
Bali – Indonesia
Phone. +62 361 701 010

Text by Dennis Latif | Photos courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Bali

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