Hotel Tugu Lombok

Hotel Tugu Lombok is set on a heavenly white sand beach of Sire, on the northwest coast of the island.

Neighboring this tropical haven is a beautiful 18 hole-golf course and virgin landscapes, traditional thatched roofed huts and empty green fields where local life continues in today’s age much the same as it has done for centuries, facing the open ocean and the sunrise of Mount Rinjani.

Connected through a bridge from the original Ampenan reception house, the large open-air lobby with high ceilings is inspired by a Hindu Majapahit tale of a beautiful princess, Dewi Sri. This goddess and her older brother were turned into a snake and a rooster under the powerful spell of their father, King Purwacarita, because they refused to live in the palace. For good behavior while being under the spell, the God of all gods, Sang Hyang Jagadnata freed Dewi Sri from her spell and she became a heavenly goddess. Her brother, the rooster, was also turned to a deity. Now, a gigantic statue of the Rooster deity stands tall on top of and along the length of the lobby roof, greeting the sun every morning that rises behind the sacred Mount Rinjani. The sound of the rooster (KOKOK PLETOK) becomes the name of the lobby, signaling the first sighting of the sun the source of life for all beings, in the early mornings. Across of the Dewi Sri lobby is the giant statue of God Vishnu, in the shape of Dasa Muka (the Ten Faces of Barong). In the tales of Mahabharata and Bhagavat Gita (translated as the Song of Heaven), the handsome God Vishnu turned to a ten-faced giant when he was overcome with anger, confronted with the arrogance and greed of the Kurawa brothers, who took over the Kingdom of Astina from their half brothers Pandawa.

Sang Hyang Djiwo Equipped with a 6 metres long private plunge pool made of black stones brought from the sacred Mount Merapi in Java, Shang Hyang Djiwo (translated as ‘a state of spiritual euphoria’) is a spacious villa of 600 square metres facing acres of quiet green lawn ending with the sea. Puri Dadap Merah Villa is based on the architecture of an ancient temple, with a private rooftop for most romantic dinner under the moonlight, surrounded by the Dadap Merah (Red Dadap) trees which will only grow in 12 months after the ceremony for the Mahaksobya statue (Buddha Aksobya Jain Buddha). The plunge pool shaped as the Red Dadap petal fronts the ocean and spacious green lawn, creating a peaceful, airy and relaxing ambience.

Bhagavat Gita Oceanfront Suites are large suites housed in a beautiful building from the colonial era, with high thatched ceilings, tall antique doors and furnishings, private tropical gardens, private lotus pond, two bathing areas with tubs carved out of boulders, private large plunge pools directly overlooking onto the ocean and beautiful beachfront. The name Bhagavat Gita is taken from the wayang tales of the Mahabharata, translated as “Song a Heaven”.

Aloon – Aloon Garden Villas are sumptuous suites each in individual buildings surrounding a plaza of tropical gardens. Each has its own gardens, outdoor dining and lazing areas, spacious oversized copper sunken tubs, opening onto plaza of tropical gardens. Svarga Villas are sumptuous units each in individual buildings facing an open-air, outdoor hall of beautiful giant Rama Sinta statues, surrounded by lush tropical trees. Ampenan Bungalows are intimate units that celebrate the Peranakan culture of Lombok in the late 19th century. Kampong Lombok Bungalows are intimate units with traditional atmosphere characterized with wood and bamboo, providing authentic native Lombok Village house, but still with modern luxury.

Hotel Tugu Lombok
Sire Beach, Sigar Penjalin village
Tanjung – Lombok
West Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia
Phone +62 370 612 0111, +62 819 3799 5566, +62 87 864 361 634

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