Hotel Tugu Malang

A rare gem distinguished by its blend of Indonesian art and history, Hotel Tugu Malang is an elegant mansion that tells the stories of Indonesia’s forgotten heritage and houses priceless collection of antiques in every corner of the hotel.

Upon entering Hotel Tugu Malang, you walk into a world of heritages of the Dutch colonial era, of gradual blend of the Indonesian and the Chinese cultures over many centuries, as well as of humble beauty of traditional Indonesian villages.

It is the most authentic cultural accommodation in East Java which also serves as the only interesting departure point for an early morning trip to the magnificent sunrise at Mt. Bromo, as well as to explore the hidden exotic beauty of East Java.

Apsara Residence
Once upon a time in Java, there was a romantic legend of a young handsome prince who prayed for a most beautiful princess to be his wife to love. The Gods finally answered his prayers, and send the most beautiful Apsara dancer from Nirvana (Apsaras were the dancers of Gods, kings and knights). Apsara flew down and danced at the prince’s royal chamber over three consequent full moons, and by the end of the third full moon she realized she had fallen in love with the prince as well. This 200 square metres residence is inspired by the prince’s chamber where Apsara had flown into and danced under the moonlight. It consists of one private spa, ‘Hall of Dancers’; an antique canopy with a large outdoor tub; a separate romantic dining area; as well as a spacious sleeping suite with a beautiful antique 3.5-meter wide bed.

Raden Saleh Suite
This suite is inspired by the life of Raden Saleh, a great artist of the royal Javanese family and forefather of modern Indonesian paintings who lived in Java during the mid-19th century. The suite, which consists of a beautiful bedroom and a separate living area, has a romantic air of Java in the 19th-century, with authentic Javanese furniture from the 1850s.

Babah Suit
The Babah Suite portrays the life of the Peranakan or “Nonya Baba” society in Malang around the 1850s. Through the years, a new culture was gradually formed by mixed marriages: a product of a fusion between the local cultures, Chinese culture, as well as the influence from the West, with the Chinese culture commonly being the most dominant influence.

Zamrud Suite
The Zamrud Suite features the traditional beauty of East Java. The five Zamrud Suites are differentiated by interior layouts, colors, decors, elegant antique beds, and curios. Albeit designed with a strong traditional East Java atmosphere, the Zamrud Suites and the Babah Suite are well equipped with modern luxuries.

Honey Moonlight Suite
Facing the “Jan Pieterszoon Coen Plein“, this spacious, romantic suite is located on the 3rd floor, facing the main square in front of the main city hall, with a large pond of lotus blooms and a historical monument “Tugu” in the middle of the square. A perfect place for a candlelit dinner under stars.

Devata Suite
This suite, located near the Apsara Residence, has a style that is best described as a more contemporary Southeast Asian Bohemian. The headboard of the low bed is a beautiful, colorful wall painting of the Apsara dancers.

Executive Suite Room and Superior Deluxe Room
Some are overlooking the huge water lily pond and the Tugu city monument, while some others open to lush tropical greens through their private balconies. The Executive Suites feature additional sitting area with sofa and armchairs, with oversized handcrafted tubs in the bathrooms. Several Superior Deluxe rooms have separate writing area overlooking the garden; some Executive Suites are sub- categorized as Malang Tempoe Doeloe Suites for their nostalgic “Malang in the Old Dutch colonial times” atmosphere.

Hotel Tugu Malang
Jl. Tugu 3
East Java – Indonesia
Phone +62 341 363 891, +62 8133 4919 097, +62 8179 644 119

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