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Cosmopolitan Singapore is the world’s fourth leading financial centre and is hopelessly modern. But the InterContinental Singapore offers delightful proof that the glory of old-time Peranakan charm can live in magnificent harmony with the ultra-modern wonder that is Singapore.

Highly cosmopolitan, Singaporean population includes the sixth highest percentage of foreigners in the world, making for a great mix. But being cosmopolitan is nothing new for Singapore, which for hundreds of years has attracted traders and adventurers from around the globe, with many settling down and marrying locals. This confluence of cultures and beliefs marked the beginning of a colourful and unique community called Peranakans. The name refers to people of mixed ethnic origins – the most common being descendants of Chinese traders and local Malay women from as early as the 17th century – who have blended their distinct cultures to create a unique new culture. Exceptional arts and handicrafts, architecture, delightful cuisine and colourful traditions are some of the best elements to emerge from this blend.

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The InterContinental Singapore celebrates the heritage of this colourful culture. Strategically located in the heart of the historic Bugis district – once the focal point of early Peranakans in Singapore – the hotel offers a seamless blend of Chinese art and Malay-style architecture with all the modern comforts and luxuries a discerning traveller demands. As Singapore’s only Peranakan-inspired luxury hotel, InterContinental Singapore’s décor pays faithful attention to preserving the culture’s distinctive architecture, food and handicrafts in a shophouse-style setting.

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For a true plunge into the past, stay at one of the InterContinental Singapore’s unique Shophouse rooms and suites. When you step into the shophouse rooms and suites, you will feel as if you have entered a time machine and been transported back to the 17th century, living like Babas and Nyonyas. With a décor that includes glazed tiles and cabinets with carvings of peonies and auspicious bats, you will experience the feeling of living in pre-colonial Singapore, when families used to live on the upper floors of their shops. These rooms, housed in a conserved building dating back to the 1920s, embody the spirit of adventure, trade and enterprise of an era that has gone by, but has never been forgotten. The showpiece of the guestrooms and suites is the Peranakan black lacquer oval mini-bar cabinet detailed with traditional hand-painted Chinese art on its fascia with a mix of eclectic furniture items such as dissimilar bedside tables and Tiffany-inspired lamps to support the residential feel of the rooms and suites.

You will also enjoy the InterContinental Singapore’s personalised service with Peranakan touches, such as personalised in-room check-in, a selection of complimentary teas, including varieties that aid in jet-lag recovery, Straits Chinese-inspired bedtime stories and complimentary Peranakan canapés.

In addition, you enjoy complimentary access to the exclusive Club InterContinental. A private enclave designed for the discerning business or leisure traveller, rich Peranakan culture is conveyed through its spacious interiors featuring exquisite fabrics, elegant furniture and a fascinating collection of arts and artefacts, all accompanied by the latest technology.

Whether for business or pleasure, the InterContinental Singapore will captivate your imagination as Singapore’s only Peranakan-inspired luxury hotel. A truly unique landmark set in the heart of the Bugis district, the hotel makes good on its promise to deliver a truly authentic and local experience like no other. This is truly one hotel that is brimming with heritage, embodying the rich history of Straits Chinese culture.

InterContinental Singapore
80 Middle Road
Phone. +65 633 87600

Text by Melani Semuel | Photos courtesy of InterContinental Singapore

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