Sandat Glamping

At Sandat Glamping Tents, you will be spoilt with five-star service and meaningful, nature-based activities.

Sandat Glamping Tents sets a new benchmark for luxury resort in Bali; glamping means glamorous camping, after all. Glamping itself is an expression of the new Green Philosophy that is spreading all over the world; this is the place where you can have direct and deep contact with nature combined with high-level services. Glamping creates an atmosphere that lets you experience life without the TVs or phones that absorb our attention and discover the inner peace that only direct contact with nature can generate.

It is said that the future of hospitality is eco-friendly accommodations that are also glamorous. There are eight types of accommodation to choose from at this luxury resort, including Lumbung Legong, Lumbung Kecak, Lumbung Barong, Suite Tenda Penjor Brown, Suite Tenda Ylang-Ylang Blu Oltremare, Tenda Banten White, Tenda Ogoh Ogoh Orange and Tenda Sarong Water Marine.

The lumbung are typical structures that were once used as warehouses for rice; the 3 lumbung buildings are located overlooking the pool and each has a unique theme. Tenda means tent and Suite Tenda Ylang-Ylang Blu Oltrematre offers a luxurious safari-style tent accommodation with a breathtaking view over the forest. Equipped with an unusual round canopy double bed, this suite is elegantly decorated with white leather chairs, old tools for the processing of rice and petrified logs for the bedside and luxurious bathroom.

Orange is the colour of the sun that shines on this Island of the Gods; it is also the colour of Tenda Ogoh Ogoh Orange. This safari tent is characterized by furnishings strictly in fine natural bamboo, with unusually shaped cabinets, a canopy bed specifically designed for the tent, a rich pearl chandelier, small hand-painted benches and chairs with coloured rattan, creating an atmosphere that is casual and welcoming. This is the perfect accommodation for those who love bright colours and a joyous ambience, which this tent emanates with its bohemian touches.

There is an interesting philosophy behind the glamping hospitality movement. Depleted energy resources, rising emissions and growing waste have led to more attention to environmental issues. Clean water and fresh air, forests and green meadows are becoming a rarity. For this reason, all these elements are becoming more precious and valuable every day. The need to get in touch with nature is becoming the decisive factor for the Third Millennium traveller, who is escaping from urban centres and is eager to embark on journeys rich in experience and authenticity but also with 5-star services.

Sandat Glamping Tents
Jl. Subak Sala,
Bali – Indonesia
Phone. +62 821 440 81998

Text by Dennis Latif | Photos courtesy of Sandat Glamping Tents

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