Soori Bali

See, hear, feel, taste, and smell the unique experience that is Soori Bali.

On the edge of a black diamond sand beach surrounded by rice fields, the independently owned and operated Soori Bali was conceived as a private vacation home for the family of the renowned architect, Soo K. Chan. Yet the setting was so breathtakingly beautiful, and its feng shui so compelling Soo expanded his original vision from a private retreat to a more public experience. All of Soori Bali’s 48 villas feature private pools with sweeping vistas of the ocean or rice fields under the gaze of Mount Batukaru. The EarthCheck Gold-certified resort’s expansive facilities include an infinity pool, gymnasium, library, spa, helipad, two gourmet restaurants serving Indonesian and European cuisine, leisure concierge and butler service, and round-the-clock room service.

The recently relaunched resort boasts a genuine connection to its local community and environment. Its holistic design respects the integrity of Subak, with villas located around irrigation channels and village processional routes. A total of 10 temples are situated on site in accordance with a design developed by a local religious leader. Beach parades, onsite prayers and blessings and the artistry of visiting local musicians and dancers also open windows to Balinese culture.

Guests are regularly treated to lively, colorful dance rehearsals and performances in the late afternoon and evening, by a local traditional dancing school for the Kelating village girls supported by Soori Bali. The resort’s special new menu features farmyard chicken, Muscovy duck, quail, freshly caught fish and organic vegetables. It’s slow cooked with authentic Balinese spices on a traditional pit using black volcanic sand from Soori Bali’s beach and served as a complement to a performance of Balinese dancers moving to the strains of live gamelan players.

One of the most iconic gamelan instruments is the rindik, a bamboo version of a xylophone. The soft, subtle notes – sounded as the traditional instrument’s bamboo tubes of varying widths and lengths are struck with mallets in both hands – are ubiquitous across Bali. It may look effortless to play yet mastering the rindik takes years of practice.

The traditional Kecak dance, a dramatization of the epic story of King Rama rescuing his wife Sinta with the help of an army of monkeys led by Hanuman, is a welcome assault on the senses. Typically about 100 men sit in concentric circles around an oil lamp, chanting and chatting until they fall into a trance.

As Soori Bali started out as a private family vacation home, the resort’s innovative “journeys” program is built around authentically-enriching experiences including visits to the onsite bat cave, kite-making, cooking classes with the chef, horseback riding on the beach, and indigenous fishing. You can even try your hand at learning to play the rindik.

A team of onsite practitioners and visiting wellness experts offer physical alignment and massage therapies, acupuncture, meditation, neurotherapy, and longevity procedures among many bespoke techniques.

Soori Bali, the newest member of Leading Hotels of the World, is remote yet accessible. Just over an hour’s drive from Denpasar, and 20 minutes from Tanah Lot, Soori Bali’s location allows travellers to discover the Tabanan, Bali’s last wild frontier.

The ‘Bali of old’ remains intact. You just need to know where to look.

Soori Bali
Banjar Dukuh, Desa Kelanting
Kerambitan, Tabanan
Bali – Indonesia
Phone. +62 361 894 6388

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