Sudamala Resort, Seraya

An authentic definition of a tropical barefoot luxury at its finest, Sudamala Resort, Seraya offers a glimpse of paradise on earth in idyllic Seraya Kecil island – or Pulau Seraya Kecil in Indonesian – in Komodo, Indonesia.

A beautifully calm sanctuary, the Sudamala Resort, Seraya offers extraordinary getaway in a breathtaking setting of a secluded island with the abundance of pristine natural wonders, ringed with translucent white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and vibrant underwater life for an ultimate Robinson Crusoe experience. With copious unspoiled nature abundantly available to pamper your every sense; in Sudamala Seraya, luxury comes in the simplest detail.

The island is a perfect splice of green shaped like a sideways seahorse, hovering over an aqua orb of coral reefs that bleed out into a limitless blue ocean.

At Sudamala Resort, Seraya you should to take your relaxing holiday seriously. Laze away with a cocktail on hand at the resort’s private beach or the beachfront saltwater pool. Soak your feet onto the soft powder of white sands and bask into the torrent of endless tropical sunshine. Or venture off with the complimentary kayak, a stand-up paddleboard or don the snorkeling gear before hoping into the azure water to witness the effervescent underwater vista just metres away from your bungalow’s front porch for a slice of indulgence in this island paradise.

To explore the underwater world, Aqura Dive Centre on Sudamala Seraya is your perfect partner. Aqura Dive offers brand new luxurious speedboat, all top of the industry Aqualung scuba equipment with Apeks regulator, and experienced PADI dive professionals who offer services to those with no diving experiences to dive professionals.

Dotted across the golden shore of Little Seraya Island at the north of Komodo National Park, Sudamala Seraya is an Island Resort offering a laid-back luxury for the discerning travelers. It can be reached within a leisurely 45 minutes wooden boat ride from Labuan Bajo in Komodo. Day trips are offered to Komodo and Rinca Islands to search for Komodo dragons, to the ever-popular Padar Island with its three beaches with three-coloured sands and to Manta Point, where you swim with dozens of elegant rays floating playfully around you. Sudamala Seraya also offers spa treatments on the island by request and water activities managed by Aqura Dive.

Seraya Kecil Island enjoys one of the most well preserved underwater life in the Flores Sea. With the coral conservation efforts happening nearby, the house reefs are in good health with the abundance of submarine life found only a swim away from the resort’s shore. A technicolour array of staghorn, elkhorn and vivid brain corals provides the home for the heaving marine life: royal angelfish the size of dinner plates, eagle rays, sea urchins and bizarre octagonal-finned cousins of the lionfish that resembles subaqueous spiders. You may also expect to see baby sharks off the north point and turtles straight off the center of the reef.

With whitewashed cottages canopied by the natural alang-alang thatched roofs and the colourful sprinkle of bougainvillea spreading the tropical vibe at its front yard, the elegant beach bungalows at Sudamala Seraya offer an understated luxury in the sublime setting of Little Seraya Island.

The resort consists of a total of 25 bungalows – a private two-bedroom villa and 23 private beach bungalows. Each beach bungalow is set up as a sequestered unit overlooking the pristine beach; with a choice of connecting rooms for a family and larger group.

Each bungalow occupies a cloistered space that offers a total privacy for honeymooners, equipped with amenities befitting discerning adventurers, including air-conditioner, water heater, mini fridge, four-poster beds and a wooden-deck verandah that overlooks directly to the sapphire ocean. Some bungalows have connecting door for a family and larger group.

While the jewel of the resort is the two-bedroom Panorama Villa that is located in the hill; secluded away from the rest of the compound with its elevated wooden deck set high at the vantage point that offers unparalled 270 degrees vista of the whole Little Seraya Island and beyond. The villa offers a secluded compound entailing spacious two bedrooms that comes with its own plunge pool, private dining/living room and sun-drenched wooden-deck verandah overlooking the whole island and beyond.

Sudamala Resort, Seraya
Pulau Seraya Kecil,
East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia
Phone. +62 812 3945 4433

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