A Refreshing Summer in The Opposite House

The Opposite House and The Temple House are pleased to announce the pop- up menu collaborations in between two Houses this summer: 9 signature vegetarian dishes from MI XUN Teahouse of The Temple House available at Jing Yaa Tang of The Opposite House throughout the month of June. The collaboration in The Opposite House starts on 7 June until 7 July, and the vegetarian pop-up menu is available for lunch and dinner. During late June, Jing Yaa Tang will then bring over a few of its popular vegetarian-friendly dishes to MI XUN Teahouse to complete this cross-promotions amongst the Houses.

This collaborated a la carte menu opens with Dry Lotus Marinated with Wasabi and Sesame Dressing and Bamboo Mushrooms in Green Sichuan Pepper Sauce for the hot dish followed with Green Bean, Mulberry Leaf, Yam and Cranberry Paste.

Jing Yaa Tang at The Opposite House
Shuangqiao E Rd,
Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi,
Phone. +86 10 6417 6688