Amandari – 30 Years in Bali’s Heart

Bali has drawn travellers ever since word of its legendary beauty began to spread in the early 1900s. A fertile land of rice paddies, holy mountains and pristine beaches, it is also known, as the Island of the Gods. It was on this sacred land, at the very heart of the island that Aman launched its second property in 1989 to capture and preserve the purity of Bali’s unique culture and joyful spirit. Amandari has done just this for almost three decades, reflecting this truth in every nuance of its name – ‘peaceful spirit’.

Perched above the verdant Ayung River Gorge outside the artist’s community of Ubud, this tranquil resort overlooks natural forest and an emerald green cascade of rice paddies. An intrinsic part of Kedewatan, a village that upholds the same age-old traditions that the Balinese – a people for whom family and happiness are paramount – have practiced for centuries, Amandari is an idyllic base from which to discover the timeless appeal of this extraordinary island. Since its launch, guests have been able to experience the culture that contributes to Bali’s magic, whether visiting rural villages filled with artisan workshops, hiking or biking along the winding paths of terraced rice fields or simply relaxing to the meditative sounds of gamelan players by the resort’s signature curved swimming pool.

This authentic experience of Bali’s soul will be even more meaningful in 2019, as Amandari celebrates its 30th anniversary with a series of special events. From art exhibitions and moonlight treks, to traditional dance performances, food festivals and painting classes, guests will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Bali’s artistic legacy and to truly absorb the spirit of this special place.

Full Moon Blessing, Trek & Picnic
Each month in 2019, on the night of the full moon, Amandari will host a blessing ceremony and trek under the moonlit sky. This outdoor experience will begin at dusk with a blessing at Amandari’s temple, alongside the Amandari family and Kedewatan villagers.

Drinks & Traditional Dance on the 30th
Throughout 2019, guests will be invited to special anniversary drinks on the 30th of each month at Amandari’s scenic bar hosted by the General Manager, Jann Hess. Local dancers will perform the traditional Jogged dance – a harvest dance with ancient roots that welcomes and encourages audience participation.

Kamasan Painting Workshops
Throughout 2019, Amandari will offer regular Kamasan painting workshops to guests led by Bapak Sindu, who will explain the methods used and demonstrate the historic and stylistic meaning behind these iconic Balinese artworks.

Culinary Celebrations
In 2019, the Ubud Food festival will take place from the 26– 28 April, and Amandari will once again play a pivotal role in supporting the gastronomic event, by hosting an anniversary event as part of the festival. Amandari’s menus will be as authentic and refreshingly inventive as ever in 2019, while also paying respect to the resort’s beginnings. Every week, a different traditional Indonesian dish from the resort’s original menu will be featured.

30-minute Wellness Activities
Drawing inspiration from the meditative and serene surroundings of Ubud, Amandari will offer guests a series of complimentary 30-minute wellness activities developed specifically for the anniversary.

These will include a silent 30-minute walk to the Ayung River, passing through the Pesiraman Temple with its healing waters on the way, as well as 30-minute meditation sessions within Amandari’s lush gardens.

Community Initiatives
Each month throughout 2019, children from Kedewatan school will be invited to Amandari for an educational walk through the hotel to learn about the various environmentally friendly initiatives undertaken by the resort. This includes composting, waste management, reforesting and farming the organic garden.

The Kesayan Ikang Papa Orphanage lies twenty minutes’ drive from Amandari and in 2019, the resort will host an art installation in its library, exhibiting 30 works of art created by children from this orphanage. The works of art will be on sale, and all proceeds will be donated to the orphanage.

Anniversary Instagram Competition
In addition to the calendar of celebrations, the resort will amass a trove of Instagram imagery, capturing Amandari life and adventures throughout the year, gathered under the hashtag #Amandari30. On 1 January 2020, the best image, as selected by the resort team will be awarded a three-night stay at Amandari.

For more information about the programs, please visit:

Jl. Kadewatan
Ubud, Gianyar
Bali – Indonesia
Phone. +62 361 975 333