Beach Combing Cows at InterContinental Bali Resort

If you happen to be walking along the magnificent golden sands of Jimbaran Beach in the early morning, you might just get to witness the enchanting sight of a pair of Balinese cows harnessed to a large metal rake and treading the beach. The apparatus is similar in many ways to the hand-held walking ploughs used in Bali’s rice fields and drawn by water buffaloes. The rake, however, was designed especially for the purpose of combing the sand and cleaning the beach. The cows are part of a small herd of nine belonging to InterContinental Bali Resort. Every morning at 6am, guided by one of the Resort’s gardeners, the cows take it in turns to tidy the beach in this unique and beautiful manner.

Eco awareness and environmental sustainability are core values guiding InterContinental Bali Resort’s operations. Everyone should be aware of the importance of a clean, healthy environment and it is, of course, essential to contribute to maintaining the beauty of the beach. This daily beach combing ritual is a collaboration between the Resort and the local ‘banjar’ village council, and is particularly environmentally friendly as it doesn’t involve the use of a noisy motorised machine.

Occasionally you will see the cows resting under a tree beside the beach, and when they breed, the resort donates them to Balinese farmers in Jimbaran village, proving that helping the local community doesn’t always need to be in the form of cash contributions. The Resort also contributes a further 40 man hours every morning on a rotating schedule among the gardeners to ensure that the fine sandy beach is clean for everyone to enjoy.

So next time you’re up with the sunrise, head over to Jimbaran Beach and say hello to these well-loved cows. It’s a great photo opportunity!

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