Buka Mata

ARTOTEL Group proudly presents, BUKA MATA, an official signature coffee brand that will be used in every ARTOTEL throughout Indonesia. This signature coffee brand is specially crafted by its internal team using only the finest coffee beans. Comes in two type of coffee blend, House Blend, The Modernist and Cold Brew, The Minimalist.

House Blend, The Modernist works closely with Common Grounds Coffee Roasters to pick the right balance of Toraja and Mandheling coffee beans. The mixture creates the perfect blend of a hint of orange, almond, and brown sugar sweetness. Cold Brew, The Minimalist is a ready to go coffee drink, comes in two flavors, Coffee Latte and Ice Black.

For the branding itself, Buka Mata has been through creative concepting by ARTOTEL Studio, teaming up with one of the in-house artists, Ega Mawardani to create remarkable artworks inspired by ART Movements of Modernism and Minimalism, applied in the 1kg and 200g packaging of The Modernist along with Cold Brew, The Minimalist.