Earth Hour at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

Hotel Borobudur Jakarta supported the campaign of climate change and global warming prevention by holding power outages and other electronic appliances for one hour at 08.30PM until 09.30PM in Earth Hour 2017 takes place on Saturday night, 25 March 2017.

This year’s Earth Hour event involved employees and guests of the hotel. This was a real action in protecting the environment and supporting government policies and President Jokowi to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This small contribution is expected to cut emissions of carbon dioxide and other companies can do the same thing so that more and more greenhouse gas emissions could be saved.

Hotel Borobudur Jakarta has consistently preserving the environment not only on the occasion of Earth Hour, but there are three monthly events called “Cleaning Blitz” in which all employees must participate to clean their work area and the area of the hotel.

On this special event, Hotel Borobudur Jakarta introduced the newest facility, butterfly dome as one of guest’s attraction. This butterfly dome which stand strong in length of 10.1 metre, wide: 5 metre and high of 3.5 metre at garden area. In the butterfly dome, you can see thirty two species of butterflies.

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