Hortense and Héroïque

RANCÉ 1795 launched its latest appearance in the Collection Impériale, Hortense and Héroïque, at Pastis Kitchen & Bar, with the presence of Giovanni Rancé. Both fragrances are the translations into perfume of the striving to capture the sparkle of lively energy.

Giovanni Rancé, the seventh generation of RANCÉ, carrying the family’s traditional craft into the modern world and discovering the balance between heritage and contemporary, made RANCÉ 1795 as a very modern and innovative maison. Both Hortense and Héroïque feature sparkling and sensual notes that sing the emotions of soul and sense with the inner elegance of RANCÉ 1795.

From the philosophy behind the creations, Hortense and Héroïque transport you to the centre of a universe of scents. The launch event introduced Hortense and Héroïque and delivered the message that perfumes are able to portray a whole universe, talk to all the senses and reach the level of art.

At RANCÉ 1795, creating a perfume is a team effort. The artistic director, Mr. Rancé, develops the fragrances together with his mother and skilled noses coming from different backgrounds. This unique blend of skills creates the uninterrupted dialogue between tradition and trendsetting of RANCÉ 1795.