Karma Beach Cocktails

By taking classic recipes and creating new ones, adapted to embrace the wonderful array of natural local ingredients, Karma Beach Club Bali has created a wonderful and diverse selection of cocktails and soothing drinks.

Karma Beach Cocktails
Ku-Ku Tiki – A citrus based cocktail combining the exotic flavours of Mai Tai and Zombie.

When in Bali – This cocktail is bursting with the fruit and flavours of Bali. Lemongrass is muddled with dark rum, pineapple, passionfruit & vanilla, then double strained into a chilled martini glass.

Billionaire – Fresh watermelon juice is shaken with tequila, agave nectar & fresh ginger, leaving an intense and spicy aftertaste.

Cucumber Gimlet – Inspired by legendary Dale DeGroff, this unique and refreshing cocktail has been upgraded with elderflower and fresh cucumber, then shaken with gin & lime and double strained into a icy martini glass.

Spicy Candy – Homemade marshmallow & vanilla foam is dispensed onto shaken dark rum, butterscotch liqueur, passionfruit and ginger.

Detox – Revitalize your inner soul and jumpstart your day with a freshly juiced selection of green apple, ginger, beetroot & lemon poured over ice.

Karma Beach Bali Mocktail
Tropi Karma – Tantalize your tastebuds with an exotic blended selection of fresh pineapple, banana, mango & coconut water.