Karma Spa Launches Several Spa Spaces

Karma Spa at Karma Kandara is the brand’s flagship spa, redefining the concept of nourishing, healing and nurturing in one of the world’s most beautiful locations. The Spa is now expanding to offer several unique wellness spaces in settings that range from the sands of Karma Kandara’s private beach to a majestic cliff top overlooking the uninterrupted expanse of the Indian Ocean.

The Cliff Spa consists of traditional thatched-roof bales set into rugged limestone cliffs with 180-degree ocean views. A focus here is on the detox process with the centerpiece being the Cliff Sauna Experience, an open-air Infrared Detox Sauna and Soaking Pool. Down the newly renovated hill tram is Karma Beach, the resort’s private beach and location of the new Ocean ‘Segara’ Spa in an old reclaimed fisherman’s hut. Guests can experience sea-infused cures, soothed by the sounds of lapping waves. At the nearby seaside Yoga Bale, guests can enjoy complimentary Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates sessions and learn Muay Thai Boxing, as well as Sunday Thai Massages in the open-air bale overlooking the ocean.

They have recently introduced a Recharge Station for post-workout express sessions combined with the sauna. Select from the 45-minute Activate, a 30-minute vigorous body massage, or the 60-minute Vigour that includes an Infrared Sauna followed by a 30-minute body scrub and shower.

Next month sees the launch of three new results treatments including an ‘Arrival Revival’ jet lag cure, ‘Slow down Seep Ritual’ and a ‘Screen Escape’ that consists of hand and arm reflexology to counter issues caused by the repetitive use of digital devices.

For guests wanting to experience the Spa without leaving their luxury villa there are In-Villa treatments. Karma Spa has partnered with The Dose and offers in-villa IVC and hydration infusions that combat the effects of jet lag, hangovers and ‘Bali Belly’! Karma Kandara also offers curated Spa Tours – where guests are accompanied on meaningful excursions outside the resort.

Earlier this year, Karma Spa introduced the Balinese Wellness Menu, consisting of 5 unique treatments including the Balinese Massage with Warm Herbal Compress, Balinese Massage with Warm River Stones and the Balinese Massage with Facial Massage. These restorative massages use time-honored grounding rituals with homegrown aromatherapy oils, healing stones and herbal poultices passed down through generations. Part of this is the Apothecary Retail Bar, offering locally crafted oils, candles and diffusers – all made with homegrown Indonesian oils. Karma Spa will soon launch a Balinese Apothecary range of massage oils that are made from locally grown ‘superfood’ oils – herb and plant extracts including turmeric, ginger and sandalwood.

Karma Spa looks beyond just the restorative and healing, with an eye on the romantic as well. The spa’s celebrity-endorsed Oxygen Facials have been developed to ensure skin looks radiant and glowing before any important function or event, including that special wedding day. After all, pleasure must also be part of the cure.

Karma Spa at Karma Kandara has a philosophy of welcoming guests from outside the resort to enjoy their treatments, with people regularly coming from all over the island to enjoy the spa with the best view in Bali. The soon to launch Sunday Wellness program will offer guests coming to Karma Beach for the day the opportunity to relax and enjoy world class DJ’s and cuisine, but also the chance to participate in yoga, learn Muay Thai Boxing and experience healthy vegan brunches and Sunday Thai Massage.

Karma Spa at Karma Kandara
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