La French Touch by Martell X Cassius

Last year, the House of Martell took the cognac world by storm with La French Touch by Martell, an electrifying tribute to contemporary French art de vivre created with Etienne de Crecy, a pioneer of the avant-garde French Touch movement. Now Martell turns up the volume once again with a brand new limited edition in collaboration with another of the trend’s leading exponents: Cassius, the Parisian duo internationally famed for their high-risk, high-energy house music. Introducing La French Touch by Martell x Cassius. The French Touch represents contemporary French art de vivre at its most creative and cutting-edge. Starting out in music, before spreading to other fields including art, design, food and fashion, it has become a truly global movement defined by vibrant energy and innovation. It was this modernity that spoke to Martell, the oldest of France’s great cognac houses, which for 300 years has been exploring new and disruptive expressions of art de vivre a la francaise.

La French Touch by Martell x Cassius vibrates with energy, colour and creativity. Designed by Cassius in the same way they compose their music – letting their primal creative instinct improvise a melody or a rhythm until the magic happens – it is an electrifying mix of pulsating graphics and eye-popping colours which simultaneously excites and intrigues. What are the concentric circles in red, white and Martell blue? A vinyl disc? A planet? A French flag? And what could be the meaning of the bold yellow dot? At night, the design becomes even more stunning, transformed by glow-in-the-dark UV-reactive inks. Available in Martell VSOP and Martell Noblige, La French Touch by Martell x Cassius unleashes the energy of Parisian nights and opens up a world of exciting emotions and experiences to be shared with others.