Lemonilo Healthy Instant Noodle

In the midst of the tight competition between instant noodle businesses in Indonesia, Lemonilo’s All Natural Instant Noodle (Mie Instan Alami Lemonilo) appears to break through the market. Lemonilo is a tech-driven healthy lifestyle brand creating many healthy and natural products together with SMEs in Indonesia as partners. Their move to enter the instant noodle space seems like a paradox in the midst of the declining phenomenon of instant noodle industry in Indonesia. For the first time in the history, Indonesia experience a decrease in the consumption of instant noodle in 2017, from 13.01 billion packs in 2016 to 12.62 billion packs in 2017. The move, however, is calculated.

Starting in October, Lemonilo Instant Noodle (Mie Goreng Flavor) is priced in the range of IDR 6.400 – IDR 7.200 per pack with the exact same quality, taste, and size.

Lemonilo All-Natural Instant Fried Noodle Health Factors:
1. Low Gluten. The noodle contains mocaf flour (modified cassava flour), which is made of cassava.
2. The green color of the noodle is solely contributed by spinach puree (no artificial coloring).
3. Not Fried. The noodle is oven-baked, which is why it has low fat content and long shelf-life.
4. All natural ingredients – No artificial preservatives, no MSG added.

Currently, Lemonilo Instant Noodle is available not only at Lemonilo.com, but also at more than 500 supermarkets in Indonesia. Through Lemonilo.com, Lemonilo also offers healthy and natural products created by companies by guidance of 100+ harmful ingredients.