Singapore Airlines to Serve “Popular Local Fare”

In collaboration with Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and in conjunction with Singapore Food Festival, Singapore Airlines (SIA) customers have voted for their favourite ‘Popular Local Fare’ dishes to be served in all cabin classes on selected flights departing from Singapore for the month of July.

The featured ‘Popular Local Fare’ dishes are part of SIA’s 70th Anniversary celebrations and were voted on by our customers as their favourites in an online poll conducted on Singapore Chicken Rice was voted as the most popular among 13 local dishes.

Customers travelling in Suites, First Class and Business Class can savour iconic Singaporean dishes such as Singapore Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Fish Ball Kway Teow Soup, Prawn and Chicken Laksa, and Peranakan Hokkien Mee Soup. Premium Economy Class and Economy Class customers will also be treated to local favourites such as Char Siew Rice, Fried Carrot Cake and Hainanese Pork Chop.

Some of these ‘Popular Local Fare’ dishes are currently only available for pre-ordering through the Airline’s ‘Book the Cook’ service. With the introduction of ‘Popular Local Fare’ dishes in the Airline’s regular in-flight menus for the month of July, international travellers have more opportunities to enjoy a taste of Singapore even when they are departing the country, while local travellers can easily have a familiar taste of home with dishes that they voted for.

The ‘Popular Local Fare’ dishes will also be displayed at the Singapore Food Festival.