‘Sleep by Design’ Therapy Debuts

One of the hallmarks of the 137 Pillars Brand is passionately curated experiences – and what better experience than a deep, restorative, quality sleep. To alleviate the stress and strain that comes with our fast paced lives, 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts have created Sleep by Design Therapy for guests at their Bangkok and Chiang Mai properties.

The two current treatments in the programme are Sleep by Design Therapy which is available for suite or residence guests and is conducted at Nitra Spa & Wellness or in-room; and Sleepdown for suite guests which is conducted in-room at the guests’ requested time.

Under the guidance of the group’s Spa Consultant, Roger Moore (affectionately known as 00137), a four-part Sleep Therapy treatment has been created that calibrates and touches all the senses in a blissful, relaxing 90 minute ritual to prepare the mind and body for a deep restorative sleep.

Exclusive to 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts’ Wellness Programme, the Sleep by Design Therapy programme is a deeply restorative, soothing and relaxing treatment that improves quality of sleep and recovery through a combination of traditional holistic elements, combined with the latest technology.

Sleep Therapy is available at Nitra Spa & Wellness or in the guest’s suite as they prefer.