Visit New Zealand For Some of The World’s Best Dessert

Planning to spend Christmas abroad this year? Look no further than New Zealand to indulge in the special occasion with loved ones amidst a spectacular array of delectable desserts against breath-taking backdrops.

As a country that boasts expansive green pastures with top-notch farming practices, New Zealand is never short of premium dairy produce. That is why New Zealand is the perfect destination to explore the richness of nature’s sweetness.

Artisanal Adventurers: Giapo Ice-Cream
Fancy an ice-cream that looks like it came straight out of an art gallery? Check out Giapo Haute Ice Cream in Auckland that crafts art onto one of the world’s oldest and most popular desserts, ice-cream. The modern artisanal ice-cream parlour experiments with New Zealand’s high quality natural produce to bring you the best unique flavour combinations in quirky shapes to fill your Instagram feeds. Get in line with the long queue of eager customers at 12 Gore St, Auckland to try exotic flavours like mandarin and capsicum sorbet, Gyoza Dumpling ice-cream, or the ‘Colossal Squid’, a giant squid- shaped chocolate ice-cream that pays homage to Kiwi icons and looks like the giant colossal squid in the national museum.

Gourmet Chocolates with a Twist
If you happen to be in Queenstown, make sure to check out Patagonia Chocolates to get a taste of their cherry truffle laced with pinor noir for all day drinks. Or try Koa while you’re in Wanaka to savour an authentic taste of New Zealand chocolate made with local cream and manuka honey. Another good choice for quality handmade gourmet chocolates is the Seriously Good Chocolate Company in Invercargill if you want a first-hand view of how to make these delicious treats, or visit Shoc Chocolatiers in Greytown or Devonport Chocolates in Auckland where you can watch the chocolatiers live at work behind the counter.

The World 1st and Only Chocolate competition
Just recently, on 19 August, the annual Jaffa Race in Dunedin pit chocolates against each other to roll and race down the street—not just any street, but the world’s steepest street, that is the Baldwin Street. Although it stretches a mere 350-metres long, the street rises from 30-metre above sea level to 100-metre above sea level at the top. Jaffas – for the record – are a unique New Zealand sweet made of dark chocolate encased in a hard orange shell and Kiwis eat millions of them every year. On race day, thousands of cheering onlookers lined the street to watch another 75,000 Jaffas roll down the hill competing to be the first in the winner’s slot

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