Balinese Megibung

Discover the secrets of the authentic Balinese Traditional Cuisine, a perfectly balanced spice paste that gives local dishes their sensuous and delightful aromas. Expressing typical Balinese flavors of Paradise, this iconic seasoning, the heart and soul of the Balinese culinary heritage.

Enjoy Megibung, a festive dining experience, originally coming from East Bali and dating back many centuries. Megibung is a community ritual gathering village that people sitting cross-legged on the floor around a large plate containing mountains of rice, meat and vegetables.

This unique tradition has been introduced by an ancient king of Karangasem who rewarded his victorious soldiers by sharing with them convivial meals aimed at breaking down social barriers and building of sense of togetherness among people born from different casts.

All over the island, Balinese communities have continued this ancestral tradition of eating together under the leadership of elders opening ceremonies with players and inviting the guests to start picking food. While attending this vibrant dining occasions that demonstrates solidarity in Balinese life, Megibung guests remain gathered until the last one has finished. As the Balinese proverb says: “What started together must end together.”

A Balinese Megibung, offered with prayers of blessing for abundance and prosperity, main course come in large Tampah, traditional kitchen utensils made from woven bamboo. The shape of Tampah is round with a diameter of 36 to 70 cm. Rice steamed surrounded by traditional side dishes; Ayam Betutu, Sate Lilit, Sate Ayam Sambal Merah and Ikan Bakar Sambal Matah. Then, condiments are served with flavored spice pastes in Banana leaf bowl.

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