Discovering Northern Thailand Legacy

The Dharmawangsa Jakarta in collaboration with Anantara Chiang Mai Resort, Thailand invite culinary enthusiasts and Spa lovers to experience Northern Thai Food Festival at Jakarta Restaurant & The Courtyard and exclusive Thai Signature Spa Treatments at Bimasena Spa, from 20 April to 29 April 2018.

Northern Thai Food Festival
The guest Chef Songpol Ponkaew will fly directly from Chiang Mai to present his ancestor creations on the buffet including yum hua phee or banana blossom salad with poached prawn, tom yum gai sai hua plee or hot and sour clear soup with chicken and banana blossom and khai soi gai or coconut curry noodle soup with chicken. He will also conduct a hands-on cooking class on 21 April and 25 April 2018 starting from 10.30 AM followed by lunch buffet at IDR 695,000++ per person inclusive of apron, chef hat, menu booklet and certificate.

The Northern Thai Food Festival will be available in two dining period at:
IDR 395,000++ per person (adult) and IDR 295,000++ per person (child) for lunch
IDR 545,000++ per person (adult) and IDR 395,000++ per person (child) for dinner

Thai Signature Treatments
Lasting for 90 blissful minutes, a unique treatment Lanna Ritual and Thai Herbal Compress at Bimasena Spa will be performed by highly skilled therapist from Anantara Resort & Spa Chiang Mai.

The Lanna Ritual incorporates holistic traditions that have been passed down through the generations in Thailand. The treatment begins with a cleansing herbal foot bath, followed by a refreshing mint spray. For the full body massage, healing northern Thai plai massage oil is combined with Thai, Burmese and Chinese massage techniques to free energy blockages and enhances overall wellbeing, ending with a mini pressure point facial treatment to stimulate the circulation, relax muscles and rejuvenate vitality. The spa guest then awakens gently to the soothing sound of a singing bowl, leading into an inner healing ritual to conclude this distinctive spa experience. The guest washes their hands in a bowl of flowers and herbs to clear negative energy and makes a wish by writing their name on a golden heart shaped Bodhi leaf, which symbolises love, peace and wisdom, to hang on a temple tree or at home. To conclude the treatment, guest is invited to relax after their treatment with a ginger tea.

Another treatment to experience is Thai Herbal Compress treatment or Luk Pra Kob. This treatment has been used in Traditional Thai Medicine for over 400 years. To make the compress, a combination of healing herbs such as ginger, tamarind, lemongrass and shikakai is bundled together in accordance with ancient recipes, steamed and placed directly on the skin to soothe muscular aches and swelling. The steaming process releases essential oils with aromatherapy, which aid to improve many common ailment such as headaches, colds and allergies. Compresses are also used for pain alleviation, inflammation, skin diseases and system detoxification.

Both Lanna Ritual and Thai Herbal Compress are available at IDR 900,000++ per person.

For more information, or to make reservations, please call: +62 21 725 8181

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