Chiva-Som’s Post Holiday Detox Tips

Even with the best of intentions, the holidays – filled with an over-abundance of foods, drinks, and indulgent treats – can disrupt even the most health-conscious individuals.

Most people come out of the holiday with a desire to detox. Here are a few simple suggestions for restoring your health:

Intermittent or Modified Fasting: After indulging in your favorite holiday foods, it’s beneficial to give your body’s systems a break from dealing with the digestion and metabolism of excess fats, proteins, and sugars. Take a few days each week to eat light or attempt a liquid fast, consisting of only soups, vegetable juices, teas, and of course, plenty of water. This will provide you with essential nutrients to support health in an easily-absorbable form, while allowing your body to rest, repair, and restore.

Support your Gut… with Dessert!: Emerging research continues to show the connection between our gut health and overall wellbeing. Fortunately, there is a simple and delicious way of supporting your digestive tract. Stewed apples have gained popularity for their ability to support the health of your gut through the benefits of special plant compounds called polyphenols. Additionally, the sweet flavor from the cooked apples helps to reduce troublesome sugar cravings. You can include stewed apples (with a pinch of cinnamon to extend that holiday flavor) in your diet a few days per week. If you are sensitive to apples, you can substitute with cooked pears.

Daily Movement Routine: Physical activity is a great way to support detoxification through enhancing circulation and sweating. An added benefit is a boost in your metabolism, which will help shed some of the extra weight accumulated during the holidays. Simply walking after meals has been shown to improve digestion and blood sugar balance, while providing a great social and family activity.

Calibrate and Reset Intentions: Once the holiday “chaos” has settled, take time to reflect upon the positive intentions for promoting your wellness. Reset simple-to-attain, yet meaningful goals for your health. It could be as easy as 8 glasses of water each day, or walk in nature more often.

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