Group Retreats and Private Jet Wellness Journeys with Aman

Aman is delighted to share an extensive calendar of group retreats and for the first time, private jet wellness journeys taking place across the collection’s meditative and remote locations in 2017.


Pan-Asia Private Jet Wellness Journey, 18 September – 3 October
Wellness trailblazer and founder of the Yamuna body rolling method, Yamuna Zake will lead guests on a body and mind balancing private jet adventure across Asia. This exceptional 16-day journey through Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam will open doors to cultural and spiritual discovery whilst delivering profound health benefits.

Pan-Asia Private Jet Wellness Journey, 2 – 15 November
Guests partaking in this journey will travel by private jet to India, Sri Lanka and Thailand on an extraordinary 14-day adventure to discover some of Asia’s most fascinating destinations while investing in their own wellbeing. Cultural experiences and incredible wildlife encounters complement the wellness activities and include a tiger-spotting safari in Rajasthan at Aman-i-Khas; an immersion in Sri Lanka’s unique colonial past at Amangalla and the country’s wild southern coast and national parks from Amanwella’s breezy coastal setting; culminating at serene Amanpuri, located on a secluded beach in Phuket.


Amankora – In Pursuit of Happiness, until 25 May
Inspired by Bhutan’s measure of prosperity and development through happiness, this seven-night retreat focuses on inner healing in the breathtaking surrounds of Amankora’s lodges in Thimphu, Punakha and Paro.

Amankora – Meaning of Life Retreat, 23 – 31 May, 10 – 18 September
Gain insight into the mystery of life itself through the remarkable knowledge of His Eminence the 9th Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche of Bhutan’s fabled Neyphug Monastery, who will host a unique eight-night retreat across four of Amankora’s lodges in the valleys of Thimphu, Gangtey, Punakha and Paro.

Amankora – Reflections from Within, 15 September – 15 November
This deeply reflective eight-night retreat in the Kingdom of Bhutan will journey within and teach guests to listen to their body and to appreciate the workings of the mind. The retreat will incorporate Tibetan Sound Healing, Hellerwork, Craniosacral therapy, therapeutic massage, acupressure and more, as well as nature excursions, outdoor meditation and yoga.


Amanemu – Heal Body and Mind, 15 – 25 May
Cleanse away the stress of modern life and its negative side effects in the mineral-rich waters of Amanemu’s private onsen baths during this Japanese-inspired wellness retreat. Set on the picturesque shores of Ago Bay in Ise Shima National Park, Amanemu is offering ‘Heal Body and Mind’ over two or more days, personalised to each guest’s needs after an initial consultation.


Amankila – 1 – 30 September
Breathe deeper and more easily with a lighter heart and clearer mind following Amankila’s five-day ‘Healing and Movement’ retreat on Bali’s eastern shores. Amankila’s multiple secluded spots provide nurturing spaces in which wellness experts Vijay and Agustin will guide guests on a journey of flexibility for all areas in one’s life.

Amanusa – 1 – 31 October
Set back from Bali’s most beautiful beaches and golf course on the Nusa Dua Peninsula, Amanusa is a tranquil refuge on the vibrant south coast. Amanusa’s five-day ‘Healing and Movement’ retreat will see wellness experts Vijay and Agustin lead each participant on a personalised journey to reinstate balance and confidence from the inside out.


Amanyara – Tennis and Living the Effortless Way, 22 – 25 June
Combining an idyllic setting with state-of-the-art pro-tennis facilities, Amanyara offers an ideal environment for this unique tennis programme – a four-day tennis course featuring The Effortless™ Life Operating System (TELOS™) and Rekinetics™ method.

Amangiri – International Yoga Day, 21 June
To celebrate International Yoga Day, Amangiri has created a menu of yoga sessions for guests taking them to some of the most picturesque and awe-inspiring settings for a day of yoga with spectacular panoramic views.